Introvert Meaning Tagalog. Ay Tinutukoy Ang Mga Pilipinong

Ang mga Pilipino ay kilala bilang mga masasaya at palakaibigan na tao. Ngunit, hindi lahat ng Pilipino ay ganito sapagkat may mga tao ring tahimik o ang tinatawag nating introbert.

Kung ating literal na itra transleyt ang salitang Ingles na introvert sa wikang Tagalog, wala kang makukuhang eksaktong sagot. Bibigyan ka lamang ni Google ng sagot na introbert, the end. Kung kaya gusto ko ninyong malaman na ang introvert sa Tagalog ay tinutukoy ang mga Pilipinong nakakakuha ng enerhiya at saya sa pagiging mag-isa. 

Kung ang isang Pilipino ay gustong mapag-isa, hindi ibig sabihin na takot sila sa tao. Ibig sabihin lamang nito ay inihahanda nila ang kanilang sarili bago makisalamuha sa maraming tao.

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The difference between introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts

Three of the personalities we know are introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts. 

Introverts are those people who recharge their energy by being alone. Their social interaction is limited. They are not shy or anti-social. Instead, they prep and condition themselves by being alone before going outside.

Meanwhile, extroverts are the total opposites of introverts. These people are friendly and outgoing. They always have the spotlight when there are events or occasions. They are also not scared of interacting with lots of people. They are the conversation starters.

Lastly, an ambivert is those people who can be introverts and extroverts too. It means they are in a neutral position between the two personalities. Sometimes they want to enjoy their company alone, but they also know how to socialize well enough.

In the Philippines, you can also find these three personalities. However, looking closely at this country, you can conclude that most of them are extroverts. In fact, the Philippines is known to be a hospitable country.

They welcome their tourists and guest with a warm Mabuhay! They will also offer everything they have just to make you comfortable. Plus, they also have great stories to tell and are not afraid of the language barrier.

They strive to learn and speak English since it’s not their first language. They are willing to do this, so tourists know that they’re in the right place and that the Philippines is fun to visit.

But we can also say that just like other countries, the Philippines also have introverted and ambivert people. The surprising thing is that we cannot find introverted Filipino anywhere. 

We can only see them in a particular place, making the Philippines even more interesting to talk about.

What is the estimated percentage of introverts in the Phillippines?

As said earlier, we can only find most introverts in a particular setting, and that’s the school.

But why is that so?

Filipinos are great at coping with their environment. They only need the proper training and stimulation so they can act accordingly. Besides, they believe that shyness and being passive won’t take them to the successful life they dreamed of. 

That said. When they are done studying, they already know how to let go of that introverted nature. Some can immediately transform from introverts to extroverts, while some can only be ambiverts. 

The good thing we want to see here is that they know why and how they should try to let go of being introverts.

Up to date, there are no current studies about the estimated percentage of introverts in the Philippines. But since Filipino introverts can usually be found in schools, let’s look at that setting then.

The study by De Goma and Moneva of the Department of Education of the Philippines surveyed 235 Senior High School students. The study explored the self-confidence of the students in the following aspects.

  • Education
  • Talent
  • Socialization

The study showed that 64.7% of students are introverts, while 35.3% are extroverts. It also states that one natural feature of introverted students includes being a writer more than a speaker. 

Moreover, the study emphasized an exciting conclusion that also strengthens this post. It portrayed that the school is one of the effective training grounds for introverted students to improve their self-confidence and socialization skills.

Likewise, the data of the study stated that the self-confidence of the participants regarding education and participation in school is positive. 

Many students in the Philippines learn the hard way. Some are born with a luxurious life, while most experience financial issues, especially in public schools. 

This is why they are motivated to let go of their shyness to get new and better opportunities for their families. 

Luckily, schools provide these students with a perfect environment to nurture their self-confidence. They also offer training that can level up their students holistically.

Difference between being an introvert in the Philippines vs. the USA

Introverts are introverts, regardless of where they go. So when we talk about the difference between Filipino introverts and USA introverts, we must look at their culture and tradition.

Each of us is shaped by our culture, tradition, and experiences and introverts from both countries are no exceptions.

As you know, the Philippines has various colonization influences than the United States of America. This makes Filipinos even more tied up when it comes to culture. 

Filipinos are also known to be hardworking people who will go the extra mile to give their families and future generation a better future. 

Here are some insights into being an introvert in the Philippines vs. the USA.

  • Introverts in the Philippines know how to set aside their introverted nature if ever they need to go out and work, even if it means social interaction.
  • The Philippines has a strong family foundation. They even have extended families, which makes an excellent foundation for introverts. In short, Filipinos have great family support. If your mother doesn’t support you, expect your grandmother or grandfather to be there for you.
  • Filipinos are naturally happy, and their happiness is contagious. So before you can be sad, there will always be someone who will put a smile on your face by doing silly or adorable things.
  • Filipinos are friendly. They know how to bring the best in you. So if you’re an introvert, you’ll indeed find someone that will cheer you up when you feel like trembling in front of many people.
  • Schools in the Philippines offer different programs for students. From academic to extracurricular activities, they have it all. The students then are encouraged to participate and find where they fit in.

Things that only Filipino introverts can relate to

Here are some of the things that only Filipino introverts can find funny and authentic at the same time.

Mandatory attending of parties

The Philippines like celebrations. So regardless if you’re an extrovert or an introvert, your family will surely order you to attend parties. 

One reason is that they believe attending an event is a sign of respect. For example. Christmas celebration. If you’re a Filipino, expect that your parents will nag you to come out and entertain your relatives. 

This could be a real challenge to introverts. However, if you like doing household chores than talking to people, you might as well volunteer to do it. 

Funny, but it’s one of many Filipino introverts’ wise and silly excuses.

Parlor games

Filipinos love parlor games. They have dozens of games requiring social interaction and group work. 

What’s even crazier is that there are always parlor games, in any event, you plan to attend. Be it birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or thanksgiving, you’ll encounter different games that you might find awkward.

It’s even hard to say no, especially if it is a family gathering.

No media representation of Filipino introverts

The Philippines’ showbiz industry is not in doubt. Performing well. 

However, since the Philippines is more of an extroverted country, there is not enough representation of introverts in the media. Unlike in the US, you’d find many introverted personalities on TVs and digital platforms.

But it doesn’t mean that the Philippines discriminate against introverts. They also have shows that tell the introvert side, making watching it enjoyable for Filipino introverts.

Radio stations

Believe it or not, radio stations in the Philippines are loud!

The majority of the DJs use noisy transition sounds while on air. This is not an attractive thing for introverts. 

But still, thanks to some English-speaking radio stations in the country for providing a calming listening platform perfect for introverts. Yes, they exist, but only a few!

Fiestas or festivals

Fiesta is one of the famous events in the Philippines.

Would you believe that there are 42,000 festivals in the Philippines? Yes, you read that right! What can you expect? Festivals are all loud. It’s a celebration that includes many people who want to attend the event.

This proves that Filipinos worship noise, and there’s nothing wrong with it. What’s even good about these festivals is their way of celebrating their culture and tradition.

But how about those introverts who hate festivals?

Festivals in the Philippines don’t require mandatory participation. And the good thing is you can watch the happenings from your bedroom window!

There are road parades that make every festival exciting and enjoyable. So if you want to witness such a festival and refresh with something culture-rich, just watching these festivals is perfect for introverts like you.

The magic word, ‘pakikisama.’

Pakikisama is a Tagalog word that seems a big deal for introverts. It simply means being friendly or sociable in English. 

This word is the kryptonite of Filipino introverts. Once they decide not to attend parties or events, they will be judged as “Walang pakikisama,” which is a negative thing.

They hate to hear this phrase. So when someone says that to them, they’ll surely try to attend that event to give respect to the one who invited them. 

This can turn the table for them because there are times that introverts surprisingly find such events enjoyable.

The good thing about Filipino introverts is that they also know how to deal with situations. They don’t want to disrespect the people who invited them, so they will be there. 

In that way, they’re slowly getting away with their comfort zones and establishing their ambivert side.

Opportunities for introverts in the Philippines

If you’re an introvert and want to succeed in a world full of extroverts, look at these possible opportunities.


Most introverts love pets, and if you’re one of them, you’ll surely enjoy this opportunity.

Luckily, there are lots of pet centers in the Philippines today. This means they are also continuously looking for vets to take care of their clients’ pets.


Psychology is an excellent choice for an introvert because it allows you to work one-on-one with clients.

You’ll be able to help people resolve essential issues. If you’re anything like us, that’s exactly where your passion lies.

Moreover, introverts are often more sensitive than extroverts, so they can pick up on subtle cues from others and read body language better. This means they’ll understand their clients’ feelings better than other types of therapists.

You can use those insights to help your clients overcome obstacles and reach their goals!


If you’re an introvert, you’ve probably heard that blogging is the perfect opportunity for you to express your creative side. 

And it’s true! Blogging is a perfect way for introverts to get their voice out and build a community of like-minded people.

It is a low-pressure, no-commitment way to express yourself. You can just read other people’s blogs and enjoy them on your own terms! You don’t have to share anything if you don’t want to.

It also lets you own space online. You can take time when you need it and not feel pressure from anyone else but yourself. It’s not like social media, where everyone has to see what everyone else is doing all the time.

Remote worker

Remote working is ideal for introverts because it allows them to work in a way that fits their personality. 

This can mean various things to other people. Still, the most significant advantage of remote working is that it gives you a chance. A shot to be more productive by setting your schedule and working in a way that allows you to focus on what matters most.

For introverts, this means setting aside time during the day when they feel most energized and ready to tackle a project. 

For example, suppose an introvert’s energy levels dip around noon. In that case, they can take an hour or two off to recharge before getting back into things.

Heads up, Filipino introverts!

We can’t deny that the Philippines is an extroverted country.

There are more extroverts than introverts, but it doesn’t mean that the Philippines is not the country for you.

In fact, the Philippines has lovely nature and places perfect for introverts like you. They also have friendly people who are not awkward and irritating to talk to. 

If you ever get lost on the road, it’s guaranteed that someone will lead the way for you. That’s how generous Filipinos are.

And one thing is for sure! Filipinos believe that being an introvert is not a character flaw. You don’t have to overcome it!

You can soak yourself in your bedroom as long as you want. And once you’re ready to come out of your shell, Filipinos are there to cheer you up and help!

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