Which Country Has The Most Introverts? And Least Introverts.

Introverts are everywhere. Wherever you go, wherever country it is, they’ll always be introverts. So for today, I want to explore the country with the most introverts and find out why.

Lithuania is the country that has the most introverts. It is followed by Chile, Algeria, the Faroe Islands, and Brazil. This is according to the data gathered by 16personalities through an assessment and a course of 3 years.

Indeed, introverts linger anywhere in the world. But why does it have to be Lithuania? I am excited to know the reason why!

introverted Lithuanian girl wearing a mask

The Republic of Lithuania

Lithuania is a country located in Europe, specifically in the Baltic region. 

As of today, the said country has an estimated population of 2,644,688. That’s 0.03% of the overall world population. 

If we look at the figure, Lithuania is indeed a small country. So how did this country has the most introverts?

To find the answers, we must first look at the overall influences and culture of the Lithuanian people. By exploring that lens, we can discover why and how Lithuania makes an introverted country.

The Lithuanian people

The first thing that we should look for to answer our question is the Lithuanian people.

Who are they?

What characteristics do they have?

First and foremost, Lithuanian people are quiet. They do not speak or talk to people they don’t know or are outside their family.

When it comes to virtues, they are highly influenced by Western, Christian, and Soviet morales. Meanwhile, their fashion is dependent on Western influences. 

Lithuanian people aren’t the group that will greet you on the street. They are also careful in befriending someone, and we can’t blame them for doing so because it’s their preference.

The idea of a nuclear family

It’s fun to have many families living under a single roof, but not for Lithuanian people.

What Lithuanians value the most is their nuclear family.

A nuclear family is a group of people that live together as a single household and share finances, responsibilities, and familial duties.

This type of family is the most common type of family in Lithuania. It’s made up of two adults and any number of children they have together. 

The adults are typically married to each other, but not always. Sometimes, one or both parents may be single, divorced, or widowed.

Unlike in any other country, extended family is not prominent in Lithuania. This is one example of why Lithuanian people aren’t into large family events or celebrations, which will lead us closer to the answer as to why they are introverted.

In Lithuania, a nuclear family is very important to the culture and one of the norms. Lithuanian people tend to value their ancestors’ traditions, including keeping their families close. 

Home, a safe place for Lithuanians

Another fact about Lithuanians is that they treat the home as their shrine that shines.

Lithuanians take pride in their homes and treat them as a safe space and a perfect haven for self-expression. 

The Lithuanian people are a proud, self-sufficient, and resilient group of individuals. 

The country’s culture is rich with history and tradition, and they have worked hard to maintain its independence from the rest of the world.

In Lithuania, it’s common for families to live in homes that have been passed down through generations. Mainly because many of them were built by their ancestors. Living in these homes creates a sense of belonging and pride for Lithuanians. 

These homes are safe spaces for Lithuanians because they represent their heritage and their right to live independently without interference from other countries or governments.

Limited social classes

Surprisingly, Lithuania is a country that less prioritizes social classes. 

Unlike in other countries where you can see lots of places exclusive to the rich or for the poor, Lithuania doesn’t support it.

Although there are still some exclusive districts for the rich or poor ones, there are only a few of 

In this country, there isn’t much difference between rich and poor. Most families have similar salaries, and almost everyone has access to education and health care, which means everyone starts with the same opportunities in life. 

This means that you can’t really tell who grew up rich or poor based on their lifestyle or even based on their appearance. 

There’s no class consciousness in Lithuania because everyone thinks they’re equal. Still, overall, it makes life much easier for everyone involved!

Interesting facts about Lithuania

  • Lithuania has two independence days. The first is on February 16, and the second is on March 11.
  • Lithuania’s national sport is basketball.
  • The country has an impressive fast internet connection. There are also lots of free WiFi hotspots around the city.
  • Bread, potatoes, and artisan cheeses are some of the pride of Lithuania.
  • Lithuanian language is a language older than Greek, German, and Celtic.

A hypothetical question: Is it ideal to move to Lithuania if you’re an introvert?

Lithuania will never fail you in terms of natural sceneries and urban settings. 

This country is well-balanced when it comes to its environment. So if the environment is your only concern, Lithuania is a perfect place for you.

However, you also need to check other aspects such as their opportunities and the people.

Let us look at alumni storiesOpens in a new tab. of different international students who migrated and studied in Lithuania.

First is Javed Iqbal from Pakistan, who works for an international PET-packaging producer known as Retail Lithuania.

He said Lithuania is an excellent place to study, work, and live. The people are friendly; if you ask them for help, they’ll help you.

In terms of opportunities, he also managed to get a job after the job search.

The second alumni is Aytan Namazli from Azerbaijan. 

She went to Lithuania to get a good education and career opportunities, which she eventually got.

She graduated and got a job in Lithuania. From there, she learned that communication was the key to connecting to people, especially in her workplace. 

When she arrived, the people welcomed her wholeheartedly and gave their support to her. She even got a scholarship from The Ministry of Education, Science, and Sports, the government itself.

She said that she would even recommend students to go, study, and work in Lithuania if they have been given the opportunity because it’s a great experience.

The third student is Ananyo Chakravorty from India.

He works at Danske Bank. His workplace taught him that Lithuanians are very professional and responsible.

He also noticed that people there are less expressive, which is totally different from the culture he knows. 

This could be the reason why Lithuania is indeed an introverted country.

There are still other alumni stories, and almost all of them said that Lithuanian people are supportive and welcoming.

So yes, if you plan to go to Lithuania, it’s indeed a perfect country for introverts.

However, you must still prepare and dig deeper into the different considerations when moving to Lithuania.

Besides, this is just a hypothetical question you can always think through.

Other introverted countries in Europe, Asia, and America

Now that we know that Lithuania is the country that has the most introverts let’s explore other countries that have lots of introverts!


Europe is, in fact, considered to be an introverted continent.

Aside from the top 1 Lithuania, there are also the following introverted countries.

  • Faroe Islands
  • Poland

Meanwhile, these are the places in Europe that have the most extroverts.

  • Albania
  • Montenegro
  • Switzerland


Now, let’s take a look at Asia. Here are the following countries that have the most introverts. This is based on the data gathered by 16Personalities.

  • Maldives
  • Brunei
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • Bangladesh
  • Taiwan
  • Nepal
  • Myanmar
  • Israel

It will also help if you know Asian countries with the most extroverts. These are.

  • Lebanon
  • Uzbekistan
  • UAE
  • Afghanistan
  • Jordan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Iran
  • Oman

So if you have plans to travel to Asia, you know what countries should you avoid if you’re an introvert.


Although America is one of the extroverted countries, there are still places where there are lots of introverts. These are the following.

  • West Virginia
  • Maine
  • Wyoming

Meanwhile, you can find crowded introverts in the following areas.

  • Wisconsin
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Nebraska

What countries are introvert-friendly?

If you’re an introvert curious about the best places to visit and stay, look no more because we’re here to provide!

After learning about Lithuania, let’s talk more about places like this that you might want to be in the future.

According to a UK-based website known as Merchant MachineOpens in a new tab., there are particular places where introverts can ideally flourish and calmly live.

These are countries such as:

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Iceland
  • Russia
  • Finland
  • New Zealand
  • Suriname
  • Mauritania
  • Norway
  • Belize

The rank is based on four aspects, which are the following.

  • People per square meter
  • WiFi speed
  • Average annual salary
  • Rent per month

So our question is, why Canada?

Let’s look at the data gathered by Merchant Machine.

Regarding people per square meter, Canada records having four people per sq meter. They also considered the WiFi speed, and Canada records 145.24 Mbps.

Meanwhile, the average annual salary is $29,586.72, and the monthly bedroom apartment rent is $1,027.18.

Considering these aspects, it’s fair to say that introverts shouldn’t be just looking at the environment, whether there are more introverts or extroverts.

Instead, we should assess whether a place can give introverts great opportunities and reasonable living.

As you might have seen and heard in the news, Canada is one of the most flourishing places today. There are many available opportunities, and living costs aren’t that demanding.

This is why Canada tops the place for introverts. It’s the same thing for introverts. In fact, many people dream of going and staying in Canada.

Moreover, Merchant Machine also gave details about the opportunities fit for introverts, which might interest you. 

These are the following professions.

  • Physicists and Astronomers
  • Machine Operatives
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Web Developers
  • IT Data Analysts
  • Welders
  • Actuaries
  • Software Developers
  • Electricians
  • Electronics Engineers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Journalists
  • Builders
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics

But what do introverts really dream of being? Take a look at this list, and you might relate to it.

  • Writer
  • Music composer
  • Artist
  • Jeweler
  • Computer architect
  • Geneticist
  • Racecar mechanic
  • Archaeologist
  • Animal trainer
  • Zoologist

Coping tips for introverts

If you’re an introvert struggling to cope with a demanding environment and can’t afford to move out immediately, you can follow these tips.

Don’t feel like you have to give up your personality just because it doesn’t fit in with the group. 

If people are making fun of your quietness or asking if everything’s okay when you don’t speak up right away. Let them know that you need time to process and that they can ask again later. 

It’s okay if they think it’s weird at first. That’s why they asked! Be confident in your personality and what makes you unique, even if it’s different from everyone else.

Get enough sleep.

This is a must, especially if you live in a noisy or crowded apartment building or work in a loud office. If possible, try to get a room with thicker walls and more insulation from outside noise.

You can also buy earplugs and use them wherever necessary. You can even try wearing them at night to help you sleep better.

Be mindful of your energy levels.

You might need to monitor your energy throughout the day. If you’re feeling depleted, go out for a walk around lunchtime or take a nap after work!

Don’t underestimate your own strength.

You may not realize it now, but a quiet and reserved demeanor is actually a superpower. A superpower that makes you very good at listening and observing.

Use those skills to learn more about those around you and show them that it doesn’t take volume or boldness to impact the world around them.

Get away if you need to.

If the room is getting too loud for comfort, or if there’s too much going on at once. Don’t be afraid to excuse yourself for a few minutes and find a place where you can recharge your batteries, like a bathroom stall.

If possible, try finding somewhere quiet where no one will bother you, like a storage closet or an empty office. 

This way, when you come back into the room after taking a breather, everyone will still be happy because they’ve been waiting on you, not just because they’re bored or want something from you!

Do things that are fun and make you happy every day.

This could mean reading books, dancing around in your room by yourself, or taking walks around campus at night. 

Do whatever it takes for you to relieve negative vibes in your body and enjoy life!

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