How To Tell If Two People Are Sleeping Together (Signs To Look For)

Suspecting two people sleeping together is a heavy conclusion to jump on, and no one has the right to conclude. So in this post, I’ll share some signs instead that can tell if two people are sleeping together.

You can tell if two people are sleeping together by watching their body language or time together. You’ll also notice they lack personal space and seem to have a secret code of communicating.

Sometimes, our guts or intuition about something or someone is true, but we can’t just jump to conclusions out of nowhere. So if you suspect two people sleeping together, you better look at these signs!

10 Signs to look for if two people are sleeping together

How To Tell If Two People Are Sleeping Together

Here are the top ten signs to look for!

Both of them touch each other in some way.

You can tell if two people are sleeping together by watching them in public. When they’re out in public and touching each other in some way, it’s a sign that they’re sleeping together.

If this is something you want to know about your friends, then all you have to do is be close to them for a while and look for signs of physical affection between them. They can do the following physical affection.

  • Holding hands
  • Sitting on each other’s laps
  • Hugging
  • Intertwined legs
  • Hands-on the lap

You can say they’ve been sleeping together if you notice these gestures.

They’re constantly talking with each other.

People in a relationship always try to get to know each other better. Thus, they ask questions about some topics such as:

  • Their childhood
  • Their past
  • Their future plans
  • Their favorites
  • Their circle of friends, and more.

They want to find out how the person thinks and what makes him or her happy or sad. These questions are asked while they’re walking together, eating dinner together, at work, etc.,

The clue here is that you can say they’re pretty interested in each other, and they can’t stop talking. 

After sleeping with someone, both or at least one person feels the urge to get to know the other. This is because they’ve already spent a night together, which sparked their interest and curiosity. 

And that’s exactly the reason why they are consistent with their chit-chats and stories.

They’re both close together whenever you see them.

If you see two people who are close together and think they might be sleeping together, don’t worry, you’re not crazy. It’s actually totally normal to assume this!

Sleeping with someone can feel incredibly intimate, and as a result, people tend to gravitate toward each other when they’re together. 

You can tell if two people are sleeping together by observing them. They’ll often be very close to each other, touching, holding hands, and even cuddling up against one another. This is especially true of couples who are in long-term relationships or married.

They feel very comfortable with each other.

If two people are sleeping together, they will likely feel like they can be completely themselves around each other.

You’ll hear them opening up about their fears and their hopes to each other. You’ll also notice that they trust each other enough to know that whatever they say won’t be repeated or used against them later.

There are also times when you see those two people sharing the same food, utensils, clothes, toothbrush, etc., The comfort level between these two varies, but you’ll feel that immediately when you’re with them. You’ll feel like you’re a third party!

And you’ll just realize that you don’t have that sense of comfort with anyone else, which sums it up: they are sleeping together.

They treat each other with a heightened degree of intimacy and affection.

When you see two people treating each other with a different and intense degree of intimacy and affection, it is a sure sign that they are sleeping together.

One example of this behavior is when you hear the couple whispering to each other. This can signify that the two are sharing secrets or having a private conversation.

Another thing that indicates that the two are sleeping together is when they sit very close to each other on the couch or in bed. If you see this, it is safe to assume they are sleeping together.

Some other gestures of intimacy and affection include.

  • Reserving the seat of the other one in the cafeteria or restaurants when you have a group dinner.
  • Preparing food for each other
  • Treating each other to dinner and lunch.
  • Overprotective of each other in public.

They look at each other with longing or lust in their eyes.

We all know that you can’t stop staring at the person you care about when you’re in love. It’s like a force of nature. You can’t help but look at them as much as possible! 

That’s why it’s so easy to tell if two people are sleeping together, even if they’re in another room or across town. The closer you are to that person, the more your eyes will wander over to them.

But to notice this sign, you must be able to differentiate an ordinary look from one with lust or longing.

Obviously, the look with lust or longing is sticky and long and sometimes includes a wink out of nowhere. This look can give you a cringe or a hunch that something is happening between them.

They linger too long after goodbyes.

When you’re in a relationship, it’s easy to lose track of how much time you spend with your partner. But if you want to tell if two people are sleeping together, a few tell-tale signs can tip you off.

For example, when two people are sleeping together, they linger after goodbyes. They might even find ways to say goodbye more than once just because they don’t want the moment to end. Or they don’t want to miss each other.

If you’re in that situation, you’d feel uncomfortable and uneasy, especially if you’re an introvert rushing to go home. 

They disappear together at the same time.

This is because once people start sleeping together, they want to be around each other all the time. This means that if you see two people disappear at the same time, it’s most likely because they will enjoy their company at home.

Another way to tell if two people are sleeping together is by looking at what kind of things they do when they disappear simultaneously. It might not mean much if it’s something like dinner or a movie.

However, if they disappear together and go somewhere else after dinner or a movie, this could indicate that they are going home together to sleep together.

They are seen spending the night together.

You might not be the one who has seen them out at night, but if you hear stories like this, there’s a high chance they’re sleeping together.

There’s no better way to spend the whole night before sleeping than to roam around. Most people, or should I say the couple, who sleep together do this, and it’s not just a rumor. It’s a fact!

It goes the same when you’re hanging out with your friends. Before you have your sleepover, you’ll share some moments outside, eat food, shop, etc., 

Their conversations are limited to “See you later.”

If you’re wondering if two people are sleeping together, check out how they talk to each other, especially when they’re about to go on their own ways.

If they’re always saying “see you later” or “good night,” it might signify that they’re in a romantic relationship or a casual fling.

But it’s not always that cut-and-dry, though. Sometimes people who are sleeping together will say, “see you later” because it’s socially appropriate and polite for you to hear.

However, if you observe closely, their tone will tell you what’s happening. If the tone is flirtatious or suggestive, chances are they’re sleeping together. They’ll see each other again later, for real!

Use your power as an introvert to confirm things!

As an introvert, you can confirm if something is true. In this case, you can use your unique characteristics to see if two people are sleeping together. But how?

Be more sensitive and observant.

I know introverts are highly sensitive and observant than extroverts. If you’re an introvert, you can take this chance to observe these two people.

You can observe the following in these people.

  • How often do they spend time with each other?
  • How well do they treat each other?
  • What are the things they keep on sharing?
  • Are there any signs of intimacy and intense physical affection?
  • Are they being overprotective of each other?
  • Do they often give each other glance?

Believe it or not, extroverts can’t easily notice these things. One main reason is that they tend to do all the talking and rarely observe their environment. But if you’re an introvert and want to confirm if this issue is real, you’ll find these things very easy to observe.

In fact, you’ll even see other more signs that are not listed here. And that’s what I like about introverts!

Listen carefully before speaking.

I believe that introverts always postpone their judgments about something or someone. And if you’re like this, it’s good to know!

One reason why introverts do this is that its part of their observation. Instead of responding immediately, they tend to listen carefully and comprehend what’s happening. There are also times when introverts are good at overhearing things or eavesdropping. 

It’s quite funny, but you can use it to listen to quiet whispers and stories of those people with whom you have a hunch.

You might hear it out if they’re making plans this coming night!

Reading nonverbal gestures.

Introverts are good at reading non-verbal gestures because they spend more time observing people.

They notice body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice, so they’re more likely to pick up on cues that others might miss. They also tend to have a larger vocabulary and better understand what others mean when they say something. And if you’re an introvert reading this, I am sure you’re smiling because all these are true.

Introverts can use all these skills to understand what’s happening in the world around them. To confirm whether two people are sleeping together, learn to read nonverbal gestures like introverts do!

How to tell if my partner is sleeping with someone else?

On top of the main question in this article, people also ask this same pressing question.

“How to tell if my partner is sleeping with someone else?

This is not to overthink those in a relationship, but it’d make sense for those asking for signs. Like what we’ve discussed above, there are signs that can tell whether your partner is sleeping with someone else.

Take a look at this list!

Changes in intimacy level

The first sign is that your partner will begin to withdraw from you. They may avoid spending time with you, or they may not want to touch you as much. There may also be changes in the frequency or location of your dates or even in how much they talk to you when they see each other.

Changes in behavior

If your partner has been acting differently and you can’t put your finger on why it might be a sign that they’re seeing someone else.

A behavior change could include the following.

  1. Increased secrecy around their phone or computer
  2. Less time spent with you or spending more time out of the house
  3. Frequent hangovers or being hungover more often than usual

Changes in his or her priorities

You will notice that he or she starts spending more time away from home. If they’re not working and don’t have other obligations, this can be a sign of cheating.

They may also begin staying up later than usual and getting up earlier to go to work or do something else. This could be because they’re trying to avoid you so they can spend more time with their lover.

If you notice that your special someone has been going out at night without telling you where they’re going or who they’re with, this could be another sign of cheating.

Let’s learn to be more observant, like introverts!

So whether it’s your partner, friend, or co-worker that seems suspicious, it’s important to be more observant. We can gain a lot from being observant, and that’s what I would like you to learn after reading this article. 

There are indeed relationships that couples prefer to hide, but if it’s some kind of infidelity, do not tolerate it! 

Garo Kotchounian

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