Can introverts be talkative? Or are they always silent?

When writing about any topic, I always envision myself in that situation and ask myself such questions, did I ever experience that? What would Garo do in this case? etc.

There are a lot of situations where introverts are in quiet mode, listening only, without engaging in the conversation.
Being introverted does not limit us from chattering. We are talkative in a couple of situations where the topic is interesting for us & when we are talking with the correct people.

There are more circumstances where we are talkative, even more than that one extrovert who can’t resist talking all the time.

introverted girl gossiping

How do introverts become talkative on interesting topics?

Some people are naturally chatty, while others are much more reserved. When talking about themselves, most people tend to be relatively brief.

Some people might not even mention their occupation at all. Other people might share a lot about their lives, including telling you about their childhood and family.

A lot of what we know about personality is based on the patterns we see across different types of behavior. For instance, some people tend to be open with strangers while others are much more guarded. Some people might not talk much in general because they are introverts.

When people talk about technology, their minds often race with creative ideas. They might have to be careful not to get too distracted by the topic and not forget to keep it relevant.

Some of the topics that people love talking about are space exploration, future technology, and Automation tools.
People can also talk about how they feel about these topics, which is a great way to express their emotions.
People who love talking about technology work in many different professions, from engineers to programmers and even journalists.

Engineers are often known for their innovative ideas and creativity, as they constantly create new designs.
Programmers are also very clever and may also be talking about technology, often talking about the latest advancements in computer languages.
Journalists may not always talk about technology, but they still use it to portray different stories.

I always like to talk to people who are interested in innovation and hungry to learn more about how they can improve many aspects of their lives. To be able to do that, I have created a group on Facebook, which is called Successful Introverts Club.

Are introverts talkative around certain people?

We all have those individuals in our lives that we adore talking to. They are like friendly faces that we can always count on for support.

However, when talking about anything else, we find it difficult to open up and share our thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Not being able to be talkative with everyone is a problem that many introverts face in their daily lives. Resisting not opening up to someone can be especially difficult when discussing the matters of our feelings.

There are so many obstacles that come with opening up about one’s feelings and emotions, but the benefits can be endless if you have someone in your life that has had a hard time.

The challenge is finding the right people you can trust and share your thoughts with, and this is where a bestie comes in handy, as they are one of the familiar faces that we know will listen to us without judging or making us feel awkward.

I usually love to talk to people. People who I know and trust. I am the kind of person who feels better when I have a conversation with someone. It causes me to feel my day is more interesting, and I will get through it much easier than if I was by myself.

Costas told me:

I met one of my college friends in English literature class and have been close buddies ever since.
We talk about everything in our lives, and she’s very supportive.

Her responses are always positive, but she never judges me or pressures me to do anything I don’t want to do. She understands that sometimes college is hard, and I’ve learned much from talking to her about my experiences.

My friends are not as understanding or patient with me if I need time and space. Perhaps because we’re all busy with our own lives and everything is demanding more of our time, it’s easy for our friendships to feel strained at times.

Do introverts gossip?

Introverts are more likely to gossip about their friends and co-workers than extroverts.
Introverts love to gossip about everything from what their friends have been up to, to who is dating whom. They tend to feel like they can’t trust anyone and are always looking for ways others might be talking about them behind their backs.

Gossiping is an integral part of human interaction. We all need to share our day-to-day lives with others and get the best and most up-to-date information about what’s happening in the world and around us. But some of us might not want to talk to others, even though we want to.

Introverts who like to gossip about everything are often misunderstood and stereotyped and are seen as bad people who enjoy spreading rumors and talking about others.

They did not mean to be wrong, but they just had a different way of communicating with people.
Introverts who like to gossip about everything have a unique way of interacting with people not understood by others.

It’s the exact difference between introverts and extroverts. Those who talk more than they listen tend to be extroverts, while those who listen more than they talk tend to be introverted.

It’s in how you listen that introverts differ from extroverts. The social skills of some introverts can be more effective because they have developed a listening system that allows them to learn about people and what motivates them.

They are likely to listen with empathy and an understanding of the person’s point-of-view

It is very important to talk about things that add value to ourselves, our circle of friends, and why not the whole community.

Introverted people should learn to speak up and seize the day with their introverted personality traits. They should practice speaking in front of groups, building their confidence and charisma.

Garo Kotchounian

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