Why do people try to force introverts to be extroverted?

No matter how old you are, we mostly are in situations where we feel comfortable, and we do not like to listen to others who are giving us a piece of advice. We take their words as orders, so we refuse to obey.

There are three primary reasons someone is trying to force you or tell you what to do.
1) You are dear to this individual; he is trying to help you not repeat his mistakes.
2) He sees your potential and is trying to take advantage of you, or
3) He genuinely believes in you and wants to achieve great things together.

Let’s go more in-depth by giving examples and finding out why we feel forced to change or do stuff that we do not want to do.


Your parents want to show you what is possible.

When our parents give us tips and advice in many expects of life, we take them for granted, especially when we are at a young age. My parents used to ask me, why don’t you spend time outdoors with friends?

I believe my parents knew that no man alone could achieve much all by himself! Now that I have two awesome kids, I realize that more cause they are behaving the same way I used with my parents. That is why I changed strategy about a year ago, and instead of giving them direct advice, I tell them real-life stories.

Honestly, showing them instead of telling has helped us build a stronger bond, and we are comfortable in our dialogs more than before.

What is the one thing that you want to show your child?

You want to show them that they can do anything they set their mind to accomplish. 

You want them to know they can take risks and try new things. You want them to see that it is okay if sometimes things don’t work out because new opportunities are always waiting for them. 

You want them to know how unique and beautiful life can be, no matter what challenges come their way. 

That they can overcome anything, you want them to know that you are proud of them.

You want them to know they are doing great and feel good about themselves. You want your children to know that you love them no matter what happens and always have their back.

Friends who want to include you in their life.

I know your time is limited, but I’m willing to spend time with you. Would you be interested in going and spending some time together for a bit?

We all have that friend who wants to get out of the house and have some drinks, but you don’t feel like it. Maybe you are too tired from work or don’t feel like socializing with anyone.

But your friends are not going to give up that easily. They will keep telling you how much fun they had last time and how they miss hanging out with you.

It’s a confusing situation because, on the one hand, your friends want to hang out with you, but on the other hand, it is your decision whether or not to go out and have fun.

I love to go out with my extroverted friends because they always make sure I have a great time and do most of the talking. They’re good at getting people out of their shells and finding ways to have fun.

People who see your potential will do everything to force you to become an extrovert.

People’s expectation forces us to be extroverts because of our surroundings. People who see your potential will do everything to force you to become extroverted.

The introverted personality is a personality type that prefers less social interaction. Introverts are usually more reserved, thoughtful, and analytical in their approach to tasks and can often be in positions such as writers, artists, therapists, or designers.

There are certain advantages to being an introvert. They can often focus better on tasks due to the lack of distractions, and they also have the potential for deep thinking and creativity.

A disadvantage of being an introvert is that it takes longer to build up energy levels as they don’t get many opportunities for social interaction.

Some people see your potential and will do everything they can to force you to become an extrovert so that you can fit into society better.
The problem is that it’s not natural for most introverts to become extroverts.

However, you are not alone in this. The more extroverted people I talk to feel the same way daily. One way to become more extroverted is to practice in similar situations where you’re forced to express yourself.

What I mean by this is that you can set up a day where all you do all day is talk, like going on a speech for an hour every morning. Another strategy would be finding something that someone else isn’t good at and trying your best to shine.

I’ve talked to some introverted people who have found that when they are focused on something, even if it’s not their strength, they act more like extroverts.

You may not entirely agree with me, but I think you should take at least some of the advice and use it.

People who want to cheer you up.

The people who want to help you get out of your isolation are the ones who will be there for you when things get complicated.

They are the ones who can make sure that you don’t feel lonely and alone. They are the ones who will be there for you and support you in any way they can.

These people might be your friends, family members, or coworkers. Others might be strangers, volunteers, or even pets.

However, it does not matter how many people come to help – just as long as someone is there to listen and offer their support. We all know that isolation is not suitable for you. It is even worse when you live in a place with no people around. Many people want to help you get out of your isolation and connect with others.

They can do this by giving you information about what is happening in the world, connecting with like-minded people, or by providing emotional support when needed.

The first step is to find out what kind of person will suit you best, someone who has similar interests as yours or someone who will be able to provide emotional support when needed.

Having someone in your life who will be there for you when you need them is essential. The type of person best suits you depends on what you’re looking for at this stage of life.

If you want someone who can provide emotional support and has similar interests, find someone close to your age with a similar lifestyle. Find a mentor if your priority is to become someone who can provide financial support to himself and the family.

Do introverts like to be forced to open up?

Introverts generally don’t like to be forced to open up. They will do it when the situation calls for it, but they don’t enjoy it and tend to do it as little as possible.

It is important for people who are introverted to understand how they work, and what their strengths are. Introverts may have a hard time in social situations, but they excel in other areas such as writing or working alone.

Garo Kotchounian

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