Should I force myself to be an extrovert? Is it worth it?

Forcing ourselves to do something we are uncomfortable with has both good and some negative effects.

No individual has ever achieved anything without putting an effort to progress. You can measure how much to force yourself to become an extrovert depending on your dreams in life.
If you want to get something you never had, you have to become someone you never were before, and it is worth it.

If you want to put your name out there and touch many lives positively, it is a must to feel more comfortable around people and build more connections.


Are introverts forced to be extroverts?

Some introverts change or do something to feel like they’re living a more fulfilling life, but it doesn’t have to be drastic.

Please don’t force yourself to change because introversion is not a disorder and most introverts are happy with their lives. No introvert person has to change or do anything as long as they are happy and comfortable in their life.

Introverts are often forced to be extroverts in the workplace. They find it challenging to make themselves heard and share their thoughts with others, and this is because of the many demands that are placed on them by the workplace and society.

At work, introverts must be extroverts because they need to communicate with their co-workers and clients. Extroverted people also have an advantage at work because they can quickly get along with others and build rapport.

The more introverted someone is, the harder it becomes for them to express themselves in a group setting.

Introverts are not forced to be extroverts. They need to understand their powers and disadvantages and how they can sufficiently use them.

Will forcing introverts to be extroverts help them?

Putting pressure on someone may result in a negative outcome, even if our intentions are noble and trying to be helpful.

The best practice to help someone take a step forward and welcome change is not pushing them to adjust but showing them what is possible to achieve and allowing them to choose whether they want to change.

Some people tell introverts that they need to be extroverted to succeed. However, introversion is not a weakness and can lead to success.
Some of the most prosperous individuals in the world are introverts. They include Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, and Oprah Winfrey.

There have been mixed opinions on whether forcing introverts to be extroverts helps them or hinders their success.

Some experts believe forcing introverts into an extroverted lifestyle will help them get more opportunities and reach their potential. Others argue that introverts don’t need to change their personality and instead focus on what they do best – being themselves.

The problem with forcing introverts to be extroverts is that it makes them feel like they have to act like someone else.
It removes their identity, which can cause them to become less productive.

The solution is not forcing introverts to be extroverts but instead allowing them to express themselves in a way they feel comfortable with everyone around them.

How can I force myself to be an extrovert?

You may think forcing yourself to be an extrovert will solve all your problems, and you will succeed.

Whatever you are guessing right now, you are right. Maybe you want to be more extroverted to meet and connect with a potential romantic partner quickly, or you are looking to improve your position at work and in business. For these to happen, you have to shift your mindset. The way you receive, process, and act have to adjust.

You can force yourself to be an extrovert by thinking of the people you are with as your friends. By associating them with your family and taking a step back, you can approach new people more easily.

Extroverts usually feel better than introverts because they have more friends and acquaintances. But this is not the case since introverts can also make many friends if they put in the effort.

Introverts need to be mindful of their thoughts and actions regarding social interactions.
They should refrain from judging themselves too harshly for their lack of social skills since it’s a learned behavior that takes time to unlearn.

Some people think introverts cannot be extroverts, but they can if they want to. Here is how to do it:

  • Take a deep breath before you engage with people. Taking a breath will help you relax and focus on what you need to say before opening your mouth.
  • Find a way to get yourself out of your comfort zone by doing something new or meeting new people. If you’re shy, try going for a walk or taking the bus instead of driving.
  • Get some alone time every day by meditating or exercising. These activities will help you recharge your batteries so that you can be productive when interacting

What happens if an introvert tries to be an extrovert?

Trying something new makes one feel uncomfortable and can be energy draining. Just like learning how to drive for the first time, then after we master driving, it becomes part of our comfort zone.

The same goes for life. If we are trying to change our personality traits from introverted to become more extroverted, it is very uncomfortable and depressing. But only if we train our minds to see the benefits and results we will have by adjusting our behavior. We voluntarily will put effort into a change.

Today, we have plenty of possibilities to be social. Social media has made it easy for us to connect with people from all over the world. However, some people are uncomfortable with this new era and want to disconnect from society for a while.

Being an introvert can be challenging. Introverts often find themselves in a world of solitude, where they may feel like they are the only ones who understand their thoughts and feelings.

However, with the advent of technology and the internet, it is easier to become more extroverted. The new-age technologies have made it easier for introverts to connect with people and feel less isolated.

The future is bright for introverts as they can now live happier lives by embracing their extroverted side and finding a balance between the two.

For introverts, it is essential to know that they can still be extroverts. Yes, you might be feeling out of the mood and not want to talk to anyone.

You are not alone, even if you struggle to socialize. You may become a bit sad or withdrawn for a few days. But your mood will eventually change, and you will feel better again.

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