What do introverts think of extroverts? We pitty or Hate them!?

I am more introverted than extroverted, and I love spending more time alone. Sometimes that happens to be escaping my wife and the kids.

Extroverts are fantastic as long as there is mutual respect and equality. There are two levels of extroverted traits that are unbearable. My daughter and I are introverted, whereas my wife and son are extroverted. We are constantly learning to admire each other even when we disagree on many personal matters.

Of course, with the family, we do not have a choice, we need to bare them, but with individuals that we barely know, things can be completely different.


We Hate that one extremely loud credit-stealing extrovert in our life.

We all have that one person among our relatives or at the workplace who is typically loud and direct. That one person who is consistently all over the place also happens to be manipulative and self-centered. You exactly know whom I am talking about! Right?

They don’t care about what other people think of them and don’t see any limitations to their desires or ambitions. They tend to be very confident in themselves, even when they do not have a clue.

At work, he is the one rushing to the boss to report who is late or who is not productive. Even when you achieve something positive, he will speak up about that and tell the story as if he did it by not revealing the whole story as it was but telling it in a way that he could be the beneficiary.

An extremely loud credit-stealing extrovert is a person who is loud, intrusive, and aggressive in social situations. They are usually not well-liked and often seen as annoying.

Examples of behaviors associated with this type are hogging the conversation, interrupting others, and using sarcasm. Such manners are seen when one person verbally attacks someone else without being provoked.

Introverts are typically quiet and less in-your-face than extroverts. They often focus on their thoughts rather than observing or talking to others.

Extremely Loud Credit-Stealing Extrovert is an archetype for a person who is extremely outgoing and confident about themselves but may sometimes seem selfish and inconsiderate to others.

The Extremely Loud Credit-Stealing Extrovert is an extrovert with many skills and interests. The DELE type person is interested in the flashy things that may seem popular now, such as reality TV. They are confident about their abilities but can be arrogant at times.

They are more likely to be found with a shiny new car or driving an expensive one. They may be a college student or active in the workplace. However, these people can also be caring and generous to those they know best.

We feel pity for that extroverted person who is always desperate for people’s attention.

Introverts often have unique methods of finding ways to keep themselves entertained. Some find comfort in books, movies, games, and music. I have many ways to keep myself occupied and don’t crave attention. I write articles, watch movies, read books, and do other activities that take my mind off the world.

Some extroverts are always desperate for people’s attention. They are primarily under the spotlight and never have a shortage of things to discuss. This type of individual can not stay in one place long. You both go together for a public gathering, but three minutes after arrival, you lose them. They are moving from one circle of a small group to another.

Extroverts are always desperate for people’s attention. They are the most social people and need to be around others. They also need to feel appreciated and loved by everyone around them. We should not seek nor expect happiness from other people. We pity such behavior because grabbing people’s attention can not bring complete satisfaction and happiness.
Can we spend time together and be happy? Absolutely yes, being around people you like and sharing values is very healthy and valuable for both parties. Still, this relationship should are built over time by mutual interests with people with whom we have things in common, not because one party is afraid of loneliness.

When they don’t get enough attention, extroverts often resort to negative behaviors such as gossiping, backstabbing, and being disruptive.

The following are some of the ways that a desperate extrovert use to get attention at any cost

  • creating controversy and outrage,
  • creating shock and awe,
  • creating fear,
  • using taboo words or phrases.

We are lucky to have that one extroverted person in our life.

We have that one mildly extroverted friend, colleague, or partner who does all the talking for us when we’re in a social setting. They know what to say, how to talk, and when to say it. We are going places with them cause they can handle the conversations even if the topic is about us. We love and appreciate them for that.

This person is going places with you not cause they have a magic tongue but because they know how to shoot a conversation. They are fun and don’t take themselves too seriously. The world is their playground.

One of the essential things in your workplace is having a colleague you can trust and rely on in hard times. The most important quality in a colleague is honesty and support. When looking for the ideal colleague, consider some of these qualities that make them stand out from the others.

This person will be there for you when you need someone to talk to or even just someone to listen to. They’ll also be there if they see you struggling with something or if they can help in any way possible.
This person will not only be there for their benefit but also yours. They’ll want what’s best for you as coworkers, not just themselves.
The role of the caretaker spouse is often disregarded. They are the ones who take care of everything for their family and also handle the conversations at their children’s school.

Couples often struggle to balance their work and personal life, with one partner having to take on more responsibilities than the other. One of those responsibilities is taking care of the kids and ensuring that they are getting what they need regarding education and health.
The spouse who takes on this responsibility is often a caregiver, taking care of everything for their families while also handling conversations at their children’s school. This person has a lot on their plate, which can be difficult when they are not getting support from their partner or anyone else.

Introverts have a unique advantage, and they can dive into self-discovery with an extrovert who will help them find their voice. That person is an extrovert, and they can be the one to give them the encouragement and support they need to push forward.

Garo Kotchounian

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