Feeling Sleepy Around Someone (What It Means & How To Stop)

Feeling sleepy around someone can be a little shameful on your end. But fortunately, there are some ways you can avoid it, which I will discuss with you in this post!

Why do you feel sleepy around someone?

There are different reasons why it happens. It could either be you’re tired or bored. But it can also be something positive, like you feel safe and comfortable with that person. And your body releases oxytocin, a hormone your brain releases when you’re with someone you love.

Now, to avoid this situation, first, you need to get enough rest before you meet anyone else and try to be as active as possible.

It’s not easy to counter sleepiness. Sometimes, even slapping your face won’t do, so if you’re dying to know how to stop it, let’s discuss it further!

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Signs you’re getting sleepy.

Telltale signs can tell you’re getting sleepy when you’re with someone else. Take a look at this list!

  • Your eyelids get heavy when you look at them.
  • You start yawning without realizing it.
  • You find yourself nodding off in the middle of conversations or activities with friends or family members.

I know it’s obvious, but some people need to know this, especially if you feel like you lack self-awareness.

Reasons why you’re feeling sleepy around someone


If you’re someone who’s always on the go and you’re not getting enough sleep, your body might be trying to tell you it needs a break, and it will do so in the form of sleepiness around others.

When you’re fatigued, your body and mind are taxed from the day’s activities, making it difficult to stay awake. When this happens, it can be challenging for your brain to work correctly, including staying alert around other people.

This is the common reason; sometimes, it’s hard to endure. But if your companion notices you feel sleepy, you can just tell them that you haven’t gotten enough rest and that you didn’t mean to. 


The science behind it is actually pretty simple. Boredom causes the brain to release adenosine, which is a chemical that makes us feel sleepy.

But why do we feel boredom?

The answer is that maybe you don’t find that person, the stories, or the activities interesting. It’s a harsh reality, but it happens, and boredom is a state of mind that can happen to almost anyone else!

But here’s the real deal. If your companion noticed that you feel sleepy around them, it would be insulting to say that they’re not exciting or boring. So, if I were you, be proactive and lead your conversation to something exciting and interesting.

Too much comfort with that person

Here’s why.

When we’re comfortable with someone, our brains release chemicals called endorphins and oxytocin. These chemicals are often associated with joy or happiness. Still, they can also make us feel relaxed and sleepy because they slow down the central nervous system.

This is a good thing when we want to relax after a long day, but it can be wrong when trying to stay alert and engaged in conversation. 

Ways to stop feeling sleepy

Get enough sleep.

If you’re having trouble sleeping and then feeling sleepy when it’s time for some catching up, it’s not your fault. We’ve all been there. Sometimes our minds just won’t shut up, and it seems like we’ll never get to sleep. But don’t worry, you don’t have to live like that! Here are some tips on getting a good night’s sleep every night.

Turn off your phone and any other electronics.

Light from screens makes it harder for our brains to fall asleep, so try turning off all of your electronics at least an hour before bedtime. You can also download an app that automatically turns your screen black after a specific time at night, so you don’t have to remember yourself each night.

Make sure your room is dark enough.

Darkness signals to our brains that sleeping time should be, so ensure no lights come in through windows or doors! Those would be great if you can afford blackout curtains, but even a thick blanket works too!

Get comfortable!

You want your body and mind to feel relaxed when you go to bed so they can relax into sleep mode easily, so make sure everything is comfy!

Lead the conversation to somewhere interesting for both of you.

As I said earlier, boredom is one reason we feel sleepy around someone. And one of the best ways to ensure you never get bored is to lead the conversation.

You can do this by initiating a topic that will interest your companion in talking to you.

If you feel something boring, do not hesitate to change it. But you must also read between the lines if they are OK with it.

For example, if they do not like what you are saying, they will let you know by changing the topic or ignoring it. At this point, you might need to choose the last option in this list to avoid getting sleepy.

Move your body.

When sitting down, our bodies naturally produce more melatonin, the sleep hormone, than when standing up or pacing around a room. 

So stand up and walk around every once in a while! It’ll help keep your body alert without making you feel like you are not interested in not paying attention to the person talking to you.

Other options to stay awake.

Suppose you find the ways mentioned earlier ineffective, well. In that case, other ways exist to stop feeling sleepy around someone.

For example, you can get beverages such as 

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Energy drinks 

These caffeinated liquids can stay you awake, but remember that they also wear off after a few hours. 

Another way I can recommend is by setting a nice daily routine plus getting exercise. What I mean by daily routine is this.

  • Accomplish your tasks during the daytime as much as possible.
  • Eat on time, particularly 2 hours before going to bed.
  • Keep yourself calm and avoid hyper activities for 2 hours before going to bed.
  • Avoid jobs that could ruin your regular body clock, such as night shifts.

A well-developed routine can give you better sleep, leading to a healthier lifestyle.


Whatever your reason why you feel sleepy around someone else, make sure that they’ll not misunderstand it. If you’re bored, open up topics that could kick some adrenaline rush. If you’re tired, tell them honestly you’re exhausted.

Feeling sleepy around someone is difficult, so make sure to exert an effort and change this behavior as early as possible!

Garo Kotchounian

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