Introverted me wants the extroverted you to know these facts.

Extroverts often see introverted people as strangers who live in the community, like second-class citizens living among us.

The world population is 100% ambivert which is a combination of introverts & extroverts. No infant was born and wanted to be left alone. Our heritage and life experiences grew one trait over another. Almost 40% of all humans are more introverted than extroverted, this percentage is on the rising after the pandemic.

No matter where our personality lands on the spectrum, we all need to be loved and cared for, even though it may be hard for us to express that to you.


Introvert does not mean broken. Do not fix us.

If you want to go for a drink and we are not in the mood, then putting pressure to change our minds won’t help. The more you insist more remarkably we resist.

When we choose to disappear for a while, for example, stop going out or attending events, people think that we are depressed or having a tough time. Fading away doesn’t necessarily mean we want to be left alone or avoided. We enjoy some alone time.

Being avoided by people is a common issue many of us face in our personal and professional lives. It can be challenging to manage, and sometimes, it can feel like the only option is to stop being social altogether.

The fact that you’re here, reading this means that you care about me and my feelings. You don’t want to hurt me or make me feel bad. So, we must talk about this together.
I admit that I can be a difficult person to get along with at times, but I’m just trying to find my own space and have some time for myself.

Many of us are lonely and yearn for a friend. We all know that we should not be lonely, but sometimes it is hard to find someone who can provide the companionship that we need. I would say the best way to get a friend is to connect with people. It can be not easy, but it is worth the effort.

The first thing you need to do is to listen voluntarily. Your friend wants you to understand where they are coming from and what they’re trying to communicate. Therefore, you must listen carefully.

If you have a friend struggling with depression or anxiety, don’t immediately offer solutions or advice. Instead, listen and be present with them.
Next, give them space. Let your friend express themselves without interruption or judgment.
Some individuals may feel awkward talking about their situations, or they may not know how to express themselves in words. Hence, the best way to help is by listening, being empathetic, and providing a sense of hope.

We don’t want to change.

We are happy when we are ourselves and natural. There is no point for us to change into something that will tare up our personality and character just because you may think that would be much better for us.

Just as you like talking for 2 hours about how your third cousin’s son went to buy a car after driving 50 miles to the dealer’s place… OK, OK
I got bored there and was not listening, sorry, I don’t need to know all that details about people I don’t even know Plus, there is nothing to learn in the story you are telling.

It’s OK. Stay the way you are. I will listen to you cause I know you like to talk, and I respect that cause you are my friend. Just as I accept you in my life, try to do the same for me.

People have varying needs when it comes to friendship. Some need companionship, support, or someone to talk to, while others need advice or a listening ear.
One of the essential elements of friendship is being there for them when they need it most, even if that means changing over time.

The idea of friendship never changes and is everlasting. The only fundamental changes are that it grows stronger and becomes more authentic. Having a long-term friendship with someone can be difficult, but it’s always worth it.
We must remember that our friendships meant not to be easy, and we shouldn’t try to change them for the sake of changing them. We should respect those who don’t follow our lead and stay true to ourselves.

Occasionally, the best way to assist somebody is to let them do things independently. When a friend has a problem, it can be difficult for us to see what they need without getting in the way. But we can still provide support without changing them.

Some ways you can help your friend without changing them:

  • Listen and offer empathy when they’re talking about their problem
  • Ask follow-up questions that reveal how they feel about their situation
  • Offer resources that might help them find solutions

We don’t hate people.

Introverts make great friends because they take the time to get to know someone before opening up and sharing their thoughts. They also love spending time with people they care about and feel comfortable around them.

Extroverts often misunderstand introverts as being cold, but in reality, they care deeply about others. They process information differently than extroverts.
Introverts are known for their quietness and loneliness. This loneliness can be a powerful motivator for introverts to help people around them or to reach out to them when needed.

Many introverts have a deep-seated need to help others that can sometimes become overwhelming or difficult to manage. Some of these feelings may manifest as guilt or shame, leading to the person cutting themselves off from others to avoid those feelings of guilt or shame.

Spending alone time is not only helpful for self-discovery but also to help the world to become a better place to live. One of the best examples of that is the story of Isaac Newton.

Sir Isaac Newton is a scientist who changed the world. He was an introvert and was not very social. However, he had a lot of achievements in his life, which made him one of the most influential people in history.

Newton discovered gravity by watching an apple fall from a tree.
Newton’s discovery of gravity is one of the most significant discoveries in human history. It explained how objects are pulled towards each other, how objects fall to the ground and remain motionless, and how celestial bodies move around the solar system.

The discovery occurred when Newton was sitting under a tree and saw an apple fall off it. In his writings on the subject, Newton describes his thoughts about what might have caused this phenomenon: “I was struck with amazement at this phenomenon, which seemed contrary to the laws of nature.”

We wouldn’t know much about gravity if Newton was busy partying around the pool that day instead of sitting alone below that tree.

Garo Kotchounian

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