Why Do People Make Time for What They Want? But Not For You!

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“The only people you need in your life are those who want you in theirs. Never make someone a priority if they only see you as an option.”

— Garo Kotchounain.

If you’re one of those individuals who just can’t make time for someone, you might not understand what it means to have people who just won’t make time for you.

You may feel like people who won’t make time for you don’t care about your thoughts or feelings. It’s as if their lives have so much going on that theirs is more important than yours. 

They’re just too busy to pick up their phone and give you five minutes of conversation or take the time to listen. They’re just too busy for you.

The reality is that we all struggle with not having enough time. There are so many things that we want to do and so few hours in the day. It’s easy for us to get frustrated because other people always seem to have more time than we do. And we assume that they should make time to contact us.

When you are not on their priority list! You may get frustrated when people make time for what they want, but not you. 

If you’re not getting your fair share of attention from the people in your life, there are a few methods by which you can change this dynamic and take back some control over your life.

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What do you do when people don’t have time for you?

When people don’t have time for you, you can either give up or find a way to make the most of your time. This article will explore how to do both.

First, we should learn to be more effective with our time.
We must know what our strengths and weaknesses are so that we can use them in the most effective way possible. We should also identify the activities that consume the most of our time so that we can focus on those tasks and work less on others.

If you are in a position where people don’t have time for you, you must know how to obtain the most out of your time.

The first step is establishing what people can do for you and what they cannot.
For example, if someone cannot answer your questions, they may be unable to help you with what you need. If someone is not willing or capable of talking on the phone, then they probably won’t be able to schedule a call with you either.

The second step is to figure out how much time you want from them and how much time they want from you. It’s vital that this match up so that both parties are happy with the exchange of services and resources.

The final step is to be clear about what you expect from the person. Just because someone is willing to help you, it doesn’t mean that they will be able to provide everything you need or want.

Do people make time for the things they want?

In today’s world, people are continuously flooded with distractions. They must make time for their personal life, work, and family.
People are often too busy making time for the things they want to make time for the things they need.

It’s easy to find many people who say they don’t have enough time in their day. And this is true – we all know it can be challenging to find time in our day for everything we need to do.
But what if we could find more time by changing how we think about what should come first?

Time management is a skill that is important to all of us – whether we are working professionals, students, or even parents.

The most obvious way to improve your time management skills is to make sure that you are prioritizing your tasks. This starts with knowing what you want out of your day and making sure that you are setting goals for yourself and sticking to them.

People often neglect their needs to prioritize and make time for what they want. In this sense, it is important to understand what people really want and what they prioritize to create a better relationship with them.

what you usually do in your spare time

Many people have a lot of time on their hands, and it’s not unusual for them to spend it doing something they enjoy. This section is for you if you’re one of those people. 

Here are some ideas on what you can do in your free time to make your life more exciting and enriching.

Reading: Reading is a great way to get new perspectives on life and learn about different cultures and lifestyles. There are many genres to choose from, so find a book that interests you and read it! I prefer self-development books, ask in the comments section below, and I can recommend some good ones if that interests you. 

Watching: YouTube videos and watching movies or TV shows is another good way to unwind after a long day. It’s also an excellent way to learn about different cultures and lifestyles, which can help know how to better interact with people.

Falling asleep: To fall asleep, keep the following in mind: don’t drink too much caffeine or alcohol before bedtime, avoid electronics a couple of hours before bedtime, and leave other activities until bedtime. These things can cause you to stay awake longer than you want.

We have two exciting lists of activities for bored introverts you can choose from by visiting the INDOOR activity and OUTDOOR activity articles.

Can someone make time for you?

Many people are struggling with making time for themselves. Finding the time for self-care and personal growth is hard when we are constantly busy with work and family life.

This is a question that many people ask themselves. The answer is yes, but it might not be easy to do so. Finding this balance is prioritizing what’s important to you and what’s not.

It’s easy to find yourself in a busy schedule and not have time for the people you care about.

It might seem like an unbelievable question, but it’s not. When you are struggling to find time for yourself, it can be hard to know if you are alone in your struggle. To make time for others, you must prioritize your needs first.

When we feel like we don’t have time for ourselves, we must take a step back and think about what is really important to us.
The problem of time is not a new one.

We all know how scarce it is and how hard it is to find the time to do what we want. But there are ways that we can make time for ourselves.

Some people might think they cannot take up such projects because they do not have the time or resources to devote themselves to them.

But you can always make time for yourself by looking at what you want and then figuring out how to fit it into your schedule. Whether by taking on smaller tasks or setting aside specific times for yourself each day.

How do you make time with others?

It’s not easy to make time with others. You might have a busy schedule that leaves little time for your friends or family, which can make it challenging to find time to connect.

You have something to offer. People have always found value in what you can do for them. They will be more likely to spend time with you if you can offer them something they need that they don’t already have, whether it’s a skill or a service they don’t already buy.

Be Present and Engaged in your Friends and Family’s Life. Try actively listening, participating, and asking questions when you’re with someone in person. Try actively listening, participating, and asking questions when you’re with someone in person.

Be Open About Your Feelings. If a situation makes you feel uncomfortable or stressed out, be open about how it’s making you feel. You might risk embarrassing yourself if your feelings are intense, but you’ll feel better in the long run if you’re honest.

Let People Know That You’re Busy. If you have a busy schedule and find yourself with little time to spend with others, you need to let people know that there are limits to your availability.

It will help them adjust their expectations when they come to see you or plan something with you. Part of being a good people person is knowing when to say no.

Some people like to use social media, while others prefer face-to-face conversations. Finding a way that works for you is important regardless of your preference.

make time for what you want

The first step is to identify what you want. What do you like to learn more about? What do you want to do more of? If you’re unsure, take some time to explore your interests and passions.

Once you’ve identified your goal, it’s time to make a plan for how long it will take. You can make a rough estimate by looking at how much time it takes for your current activities or by estimating how long each step will take.

The ability to make time for what you want is an essential skill that will help you achieve your goals.

Make a list of all the things that are important to you, like family, friends, hobbies, and work. Then think about how much time it would take to do each something. If it takes more than 20 hours a week, then it’s worth making time for.

Time management is the key to making time for what you want. It is crucial to prioritize your tasks and be able to spend your time efficiently.

The following are some ways that can help you make more time for what you want:

  • Set up a schedule with deadlines and due dates
  • Focus on one task at a time
  • Take short breaks throughout the day
  • Don’t multitask
  • Get enough sleep

what makes a man want to spend time with you

In today’s world, there are a lot of expectations from women. They have to be beautiful, intelligent, and successful. Men want to spend time with women who are attractive and exciting.

A man is attracted to a woman who is confident in herself and knows what she wants out of life. She doesn’t need to be pretty on the outside, but she should have her own unique qualities that make her attractive on the inside.

Men need to be attracted to a woman’s inner qualities, but it is also important for them to know what she wants. The average man is interested in a potential partner with similar interests and ambitions.

The man knows that the woman will have goals that he can help her achieve. For example, when he knows the woman has her eye on a promotion at work, he can help her achieve that goal.

Women want the same things that men do in the dating world, but they put more effort into how they go about it. They are not afraid to ask questions and learn more about a potential partner.
They will also be looking for a personality type that is similar to theirs because they know the two of them will have similar interests and goals.

If the woman is ready for a relationship, she is not afraid to express her needs and wants the man to ensure their needs are met. This makes it easier for him because he knows that she is willing and able to meet his needs.

A woman who is not in a relationship will be less amenable to meeting a man’s every need. Because she knows that he may be able to take care of himself and does not need too much attention from her. She is also not afraid to leave him if he doesn’t fulfill her needs and wants.

make time for what they want

There are so many things to do. So many obligations to keep up with and so many people to keep up with. It is easy for us to get caught up in the web of life and forget about our own dreams and goals.

When you are constantly busy and have little time to dedicate to your loved ones, finding a balance in life can be difficult. However, taking time out of your busy schedule for what matters most is important.

You don’t want to forget about the people who really matter in your life by not spending enough quality time with them. In today’s world, there are a lot of distractions that can pull us away from our loved ones.

The next step is realizing that we need a reminder and prioritizing what’s important in our lives by taking some time for ourselves.
For the purpose of this exercise, think about all of the people who are important to you. This could be family, friends, or even pets.

The next step is thinking about how much time they deserve. This can vary depending on each individual. For some people, spending an hour with their loved ones is enough time to feel valued and enjoy themselves.

Others may need to spend an entire day with a family member or friend before feeling like their time is well spent. A couple hours of quality time for pets is usually sufficient to feel loved and wanted.

Once you have determined the duration of time that each individual deserves, allocate it into one-hour intervals. If it takes someone two hours to feel loved, they will have to dedicate four hours to their acquaintance.

if someone is important, you make time

It’s a common saying that you make time for the important people in your life when you’re busy. No matter how busy you are, you should make time for important people in your life.

In order to show them that they are essential, you should spend time with them. But what about when someone is important to you, but they aren’t physically there?

People who are important to you can be anywhere in the world, but sometimes it feels like they’re not there. That’s because, as humans, we carry our emotions with us wherever we go.

We experience emotions and feelings when we are physically with someone. However, those feelings are still there once that person leaves our lives.

That’s why it’s crucial to spend time with people who matter, even when they aren’t physically there. Finding someone necessary or making time for them might be challenging, but it’s worth the effort.

You may not know whether they will be a friend, relative, or partner in your life, but you should try to make an effort.

Stop fighting for someone who does not want you

Life is short. There are so many things and little time to do them. We should not waste time fighting for someone who does not want us.
We should focus on what we want and what makes us happy instead of fighting for someone who does not wish for us.

“Dating is hard. Relationships are hard. People are complicated.”

Successful Introverts’ Club

Many people will say there is no easy way to get into a relationship and that it takes work, time, and effort to make a relationship work. And as soon as things start going south, it gets more complicated because now you have feelings for them.

But if you don’t put effort into something, you will never get what you want. So just start trying to make it work, and you’ll see it can be done.
It is never too late to change your life.

We should not waste time fighting for someone who does not want us. Instead, we should focus on the things that we enjoy and are good at.
Living in the moment is essential, and not holding onto the past.
Living life should be one of the most important things we can do.

Garo Kotchounian

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