Signs That He Loves You (7 Obvious Signals)

For most women, it’s confusing to know whether a man loves her already or not. This is why if you’re one of them, this post will help you determine whether a man has feelings for you or not.

Many signs can tell whether he is genuinely into you. Some signs include:

  • Constantly asking questions about your plans.
  • Considering you as one of his priorities.
  • Making an effort to make you happy.
  • Letting you know more about him.

Although not all man in this universe is the same, they all share the same way of expressing their love for a woman. So might as well take note of this list and see if you’re in this situation.

There are many ways to know if a man loves you, but the best way is to look at his actions. If he’s doing things that show his love for you, then you have no doubt that he cares deeply for you.

So to help you with this particular topic, stick with this post until the end.

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He asks about your plans.

First and foremost, if he’s a good guy, he wants to know as much as possible about what you’re thinking, feeling, and dreaming.

At first, glance, asking about your future plans might not seem a big deal. But it actually means so much more than the words themselves imply. 

It shows that he’s interested in where you see yourself going, what kind of life will fit into that picture, and if it fits right next to him!

You see, when a man is in love with you, he thinks about your future together. He wants to know that you will be there with him in the future. And the only way for him to know that is if you tell him your plans for the future.

In other words, when a man asks about your plans for the future, he wants confirmation that you will be around for him in the long run!

Spends quality time with you.

When a man really cares about someone else, he wants them around him all the time so they can share experiences together and get closer.

Time is the most precious gift a man can give to a woman.

Quality time means just that. It’s not a question of how much he spends with you. It’s how much he invests in each interaction.

Does he let his phone buzz every few seconds? Is he always on Instagram? Or is he giving his full attention to the conversation and not just half-listening?

If you’ve noticed that your guy seems more present in general, that he’s not checking his phone every five seconds when you’re together, that’s a good sign! It may also indicate that he’s falling more deeply into love with you.

He treats you as a priority.

There are a few reasons why a man would treat a woman like she’s his priority, but the most common is because he feels like she deserves it. 

You start seeing their good and bad traits when you spend time with someone and get to know them. You begin to see how they act in different situations and what makes them happy or upset. 

You also start to care about them more than just as a friend or acquaintance. And then you begin to have feelings for them.

When this happens, men will start to see their partners as someone who deserves to be treated well because they’re smart and beautiful. 

They think they deserve all of the best things in life! They want to ensure that their partners are always happy so that they don’t leave them for another person who won’t treat them as well.

He puts effort into everything he does.

When a man is in love, he puts effort into his woman because he cares about her and wants to make her happy.

A man who loves you will put forth time, energy, and effort into everything he does for you. For example, if you ask him to go grocery shopping with you, he’ll do it without complaining or making excuses. 

Suppose you tell him you want to go on vacation to the Bahamas, and he can’t afford it right now. In that case, he’ll work extra hard at his job so that eventually, he’ll be able to take you there.

Men don’t just put forth effort when they’re in love because they want to please their partner. 

They also do it because they want their partner to feel good about herself. Men know that women need validation just like men do, so when a man loves a woman, he makes sure she knows daily how much she means to him.

He is open about himself.

Some people think that men are more open about themselves to a woman they love. But why is that so?

The first reason is that they want to show her how much they love her. They want to ensure that she knows how much she means to them and how much they love spending time with her.

They are also more open about themselves because they want to impress her with their honesty and integrity. 

Some women find it endearing when a man is willing to share his deepest thoughts and feelings with them, even if it makes him look vulnerable in front of them.

By sharing these intimate details about their lives, men feel connected, which can help strengthen the bond between two people who are dating or married.

He sees both of you as one entity.

When a man is in love, it’s pretty noticeable that he’ll use the pronoun “we” in all your conversations, especially future plans.

But what does it mean?

When a man says “we,” he’s referring to the two of you.

When he says “we,” he’s saying that this is something that both of you are in together, not just him. He wants to put you in his life and know you’re willing to do the same.

This is one of the most adorable acts of men when they’re in love. Most women don’t usually notice it, but it’s a big deal and a green flag you should take note of.

He considers you before deciding.

When a man is in love, he considers you in every decision he makes.

Why? Because he’s so excited about you and your relationship that he wants to consider your thoughts when making decisions that could affect both of you. 

He wants to ensure that what he does or says doesn’t hurt your feelings or cause conflict between you.

 He also wants to know what makes you happy and sad. Then he wants to do everything to ensure that he leaves you feeling good about yourself and your relationship with him.

When your man is in love, expect that he considers your opinion as much as his own when making decisions about important things.

Actions speak louder than words.

So, there you have it.

We hope this post has been a valuable resource for you in learning how to recognize when your man is head over heels with you.

Remember, actions speak louder than words! If your partner seems to be acting differently around you, consider whether or not they might have fallen for you. If so, then congratulations, you’re in love!

Garo Kotchounian

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