Are introverts rare? Things to remember about introverts!

In this world full of extroverts, you might wonder whether introverts are hard to find. I also have the same question lingering in my mind so let’s try to find out whether introverts are rare or not.

Introverts are not rare, and they are not also hard to find. In fact, 25% to 40% of the population are introverts. When we say rare, it means that there are limited numbers. But do you know who is rare? They are extremely introverts.

Extremely introverts can be hard to find. You’ll not see them as typical introverts because they have a little more extra in them that makes them extreme.

In this post, we’ll tackle two topics about introverts. The first one is who are these rare extreme introverts? The second one is to answer why people see introverts as rare?

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Who are extremely introverts?

Extreme introverts have a different level of showing their personality than the typical ones. Here are their characteristics that make sense why they are called extreme introverts.

Limited personal and online interaction

If typical introverts still try to do social interaction, extreme introverts are strict about it. 

It’s a guarantee that they won’t say a word during a personal conversation. You can even notice that introverts’ social media accounts are empty, or their profiles don’t have their faces displayed. It’s either an anime, doodle, or a cat. 

You won’t see them post their insights, but they tend to share a little on their timelines.

Totally rejects any invitations.

Extreme introverts are sick of rejecting invites, but that’s what they are good at. 

Typical introverts will somehow think about if they’ll go or not. But extreme introverts will immediately reject it without even reading the invitation first.

Has intense social anxiety

Extreme introverts tend to freeze when they are in crowded places or events. 

They feel nervousness eating their whole bodies. Some even feel like vomiting in front of others. That’s when they decide to go home to get out of that suffocating environment.

With one or no companion at all

Even though tagged as loners, introverts still have a circle of friends.

They enjoy doing everything on their own, which is how they enjoy their life. However, it’s a different setup for extreme introverts. They often limit their companion to one or none.

Prefer to online-shop all their needs

Extreme introverts don’t find shopping an enjoyable thing.

Suppose typical introverts find shopping a fulfilling thing to do even once a week. Thanks to eCommerce, they find another way to avoid going out while still accessing their needs. In that case, an extreme introvert thinks the other way.

Choose a remote-work job that has no virtual meetings or calls.

Before the pandemic began, introverts were already fans of remote jobs.

Believe it or not, they are one of the pioneers of the work-from-home setup. Funny but somehow true. Introverts love working from home, and attending virtual meetings once or twice a month is fine.

However, that’s not the case for extreme introverts. Extreme introverts will do their best to find a remote job that doesn’t require virtual meetings or calls from their boss or colleagues.

This makes them really good at researching jobs that fit them. This is also the reason why some introverts prefer self-employment or freelancing.

So don’t ever get confused about why most bloggers online are introverts.

These characteristics listed are just some of the things that extreme introverts possess. Some are relative, while some might be on point. But one thing is for sure! 

Extreme introverts are those who choose to completely withdraw themselves from social interaction.

Why do people see introverts as rare?

There are only two or three reasons people think introverts are rare, and here’s why!

Introverts are not open about them being introverts.

One of the common denominators of introverts is that they don’t open themselves to being an introvert to anyone else.

They don’t say,

“I don’t want to talk. I am an introvert.”

“I hate attending parties because I am an introvert.”

“Let me be me because I am an introvert.”

You can’t expect an introverted person to say that they are introverts. This is because they fear what people might say when they confess their personality.

This is why people say that introverts are rare because no introverted individual ever said that to them. All they see are extroverts taking the spotlight. 

Introverts are quiet and won’t show everything they have in public. But even though they don’t confess, it doesn’t mean they are rare. 

Look around you or think of sitting on a bus. Who knows that 60% of the people riding there are introverts? Who knows that the driver you talked to is an introvert, right?

It’s hard to read their personality.

What most people know about introverts is that they are just quiet and shy.

This is a misconception, and it is definitely more than that. Other things make up an introvert, and they are tricky to read, unlike extroverts. 

Introverts can be sociable at times when they feel like doing it. There are also times that they tend to withdraw themselves. So, where’s the thin line? And how can people know a person is an introvert or not just by looking at it?

It’s hard to tell that way. People think they are rare because observing them makes it impossible to connect with an introvert.

Introverts rarely go out.

Introverts aren’t party-goers nor a fan of strolling. They just go out when they are ready and happy about it. But most of the time, they prefer spending their time at home.

You won’t see them in places where extroverts usually mingle. But again, they are not rare. There are lots of introverts out there enjoying their lives in the place where they feel most comfortable.

Since they aren’t usually seen in public spaces, people tend to think they are rare.

Things to remember about introverts!

After dissecting the rare type of introvert and what makes people think that introverts are rare, we’ve come up with two clear conclusions.

The first one to remember is that rare isn’t a term to describe introverts. There are lots of introverts out there. We just need to be sensitive that they exist so they can come out of their shell.

The second thing is that there are extremely introverts and that they are the rare ones. Extreme introverts are the ones who choose to altogether avoid social interaction. 

They have ways of making themselves independent without talking to other people. Although they are extreme introverts, we should still not discriminate against them and make them feel they do not belong to our society. 

Respect begets respect, as they said. We must know that being an introvert isn’t a flaw and that it’s not something that you must overcome immediately.

Take your time to recharge and prepare. The time will come when you’ll build that momentum to show off and tell the world who you are.

Garo Kotchounian

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