Ways To Show Your Appreciation For Your Introverted Friends

Introverts are amazing companions, and if you have that kind of friend, you should know how to properly show your appreciation for them. If you don’t know how to start with it, that’s what I’ll share with you.

Introverted friends are not demanding. In fact, they have low-key happiness, which means you can make them smile and feel appreciated even in the simplest things. You don’t need fancy props to do it, and you can start by asking them how they’re doing. You can also notify them before doing anything while managing your expectations. And if they said no, don’t take it personally. You also need to understand that phone calls aren’t their thing. Apart from that, you should be there for them when needed, respect their personal preferences when hosting a party, and don’t forget to send them little notes now and then.

All these aren’t hard things to do, and most of these recommendations circulate more on understanding and respecting introverts as they are.

So, to dig deeper into these ways, here it is!

Ways To Show Your Appreciation For Your Introverted Friends

Show your appreciation to your introverted friends in these ways!

Ask them how they are doing.

We all have different personalities and ways of dealing with things. Still, there are some universal rules when it comes to being a friend. And one of these is by asking them how they are doing, especially if your friend is an introvert who rarely shares stories.

You might not know how to talk to someone more reserved or quiet, but you can learn! It’s easy to be a good friend when you ask questions that make others comfortable opening up and sharing what they’re going through.

Give them a “heads up” before you invite them to do something.

It is essential to respect your friends’ introversion. They may need more time to process social situations, so give them a heads-up before inviting them to do something with you. 

This will help them feel more comfortable with the idea of spending time together, and they’ll be able to prepare themselves mentally for the event in advance.

For example:

If you like to go out for lunch or dinner with your friend who is an introvert, tell them about it a few days ahead of time so that they can think about what they would like to eat or where they would like to go.

Don’t expect them to go out all the time.

Introverts enjoy time alone and need time to recharge their batteries. If you invite them out and they don’t want to go, don’t pressure them. You’ll be respecting yourself and your friend by giving them space and allowing them to make decisions about what they want to do with their free time.

It’s important to remember that introverts are people, too, and are just as capable of having fun as anyone else. But they also need some time to themselves, and that’s okay!

Tell them, “Thank you.”

Saying “Thank you” is more than just the words themselves. You’ll want to tell your introverted friend that their existence matters and that you are grateful for them. 

Some say that saying these words out of nowhere could be awkward. But for introverts, it would mean a lot! So tell your friend today or tomorrow, reveal it, and you’ll brighten their day!

Understand that sometimes it’s hard for them to make phone calls.

Introverts can be great listeners, but they’re not always great communicators. If you plan to reach out to your introverted friend, try sending them an email or text instead of leaving a voice mail message on their phone. 

That way, they don’t have to spend all their time talking. They can just reply with a quick answer or a few words. So, don’t be mad at them if they don’t pick up your call. It’s because they feel they get drained from taking phone calls.

Be there for them if they need you but don’t take it personally if they don’t want to lean on you.

Just like any human being, introverts face challenges in life. However, since they are more reserved, they tend to solve it independently. 

But if you feel like your introverted friend is having a hard time, you can ask him or her how it is going (like the first way we discussed.) If they start crying, let them be since crying is an excellent way to let all the feelings out.

But if they refuse to lean on you when you expected it, don’t get offended. Why? It’s because part of their personality is they don’t rely on such gestures. You can offer advice instead if they ask.

But in general, being there for them is already enough, and I am sure you’ll be appreciated for doing so.

Respect their preferences when hosting a party.

I know it’s rare, but if ever your friend hosts a party for an occasion, don’t try to rain on their parade. 

You need to be careful about whatever their party looks like. If they invited only a few people, then let them be. If they got no loud sounds, that’s fine. Your introverted friend hosted that party while considering their preferences. As their friend, you don’t have anything to do but support them.

Send little notes every now and then.

Notes and letters are the sweetest things for introverts. Most introverts love to write and even love tangible things they can keep as a remembrance of something.

They would be delighted if they kept on receiving little notes from you as their friend. They’ll think they are not alone and that someone out there appreciates and loves them.

Your notes don’t have to be fancy. Just pour your heart out and tell how thankful and blessed you are for having them. Or you could also put inspiring quotes on those notes to cheer them up whenever they see it!

Appreciating an introvert is really as simple as being intentional with your words and actions.

As I said earlier, introverts don’t need gorgeous flowers, fancy foods, and luxurious gifts to know that you appreciate them. They are low-key individuals, and you need to work on that level, too, since they are more comfortable.

When trying to show appreciation for them, the biggest deal is to consider your words and actions toward them. You don’t want to hurt them in any possible way, and the most genuine thing you could do is to respect and cheer up who they are!

Garo Kotchounian

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