10 Fun Questions to Ask Friends & 4 To Avoid Asking!

Asking your friends fun questions is one way to relieve stress and make our get-together even more entertaining. So, if you’re here to catch some questions about random stuff to throw on your friends, this post is for you.

There are many fun questions out there that you could ask your friends. For example, if you have one close friend, you could ask who is the famous personality they would want to turn into a friend. Moreover, suppose you have a circle of friends. 

In that case, you can take turns answering questions such as:

  • What they do when they are alone
  • What gift do they admire the most
  • What did they think of you before you became friends
  • What are their three wishes if there’s a real genie?
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Conversation means everything when we’re talking about building or strengthening relationships. 

And with that, you should know that the best way to keep a conversation going is to ask many questions. 

But if you’re not careful, you can start to feel like you’re interrogating your friends.

Obviously, you don’t want that because you should aim for a light and entertaining conversation where you can feel happy and relaxed.

This is where these fun questions would be helpful. You can use these questions as a conversation starter or get to know your friends deeper while maintaining a calm environment.

Who is the famous personality you would like to become your best friend other than me?

This is a fun question that I consider because it forces your friends to think about what kind of person they’d like to hang out with.

And it’s interesting because you get insight into how your friends see themselves and their personalities.

For example, if Elon Musk was my friend’s choice, I’d ask him why he wanted to become his best friend and then talk about how much they both love space travel and technology and how amazing it would be 

if they could build rockets together or something like that.

It also helps establish a shared goal between everyone. If they all say that they want to be best friends with Elon Musk, maybe they’re all interested in becoming entrepreneurs!

What do you do when you’re all alone?

This is something we ask ourselves almost daily, and it’s one that we like to ask our friends as well.

Why would you want to ask your friends this? For starters, it’s a great way to get them talking about themselves and what they like to do when they’re not with other people.

But there are some other reasons this question is so fun to ask.

For one thing, it can be an ice breaker. Suppose you’re meeting a friend for the first time or just want to get.

In that case, things going into an awkward situation, asking what someone does when alone is a great way to start a conversation without being too forward.

It also gives the person answering the question a chance to share something personal with you. Something they might not otherwise share if asked directly about their personal life.

What gift do you admire the most, and who gave it?

This question is a great way to get your friends talking about their best gift-giving moments. It’s also a great way to know what kinds of gifts your friends like and whether or not they have any secret talents for giving gifts.

Your friends will likely start talking about when their aunt gave them a stuffed animal when they were little or when their mom got them a new toy when they were sick in bed. They might even tell you how their children have become good gift-givers!

It’s always fun to hear about other people’s experiences with giving and receiving gifts, so why not ask this question at your next party?

What was your first impression of me before we became friends?

You might have heard this question a lot before! It’s definitely a fun one to ask your friends, but what’s the point? Why is it important to know what people think of us before we become friends?

Well, it’s because first impressions are important. They’re the things that make up our initial impression of someone else. And when you meet someone for the first time, you’re not always able to get a good read on their personality immediately.

The thing we love about this question is that it’s just so open-ended. You can ask it at any point in your friendship, which will give you an exciting look into how your friend saw you when you first met.

It’s also fun for the same reason, no matter how long you’ve been friends, there’s always time and place to learn more about each other, and this question just happens to be the best example.

If there’s a real genie, what are your three wishes?

We’ve all been told that genies can grant you three wishes, but do you ever stop to think about what you’d wish?

It’s a fun question to ask your friends too. What would they wish for if they had their own genie waiting on them? Would they choose money, fame, or love? 

Or perhaps something more specific like the ability to fly? Or maybe they’d want to become a bird and see the world from above.

You should ask them this question! It’s sure to make for some interesting conversation.

What’s the last lie you’ve had?

It’s a fun question to ask your friends, but it can also be a great way to get to know them better.

Maybe you have a friend who constantly lies about how much money they make, or maybe your best friend has been lying about their relationship status for years. Perhaps they don’t even realize they’re lying!

There are various reasons why people lie.

Some people do it because they want to protect themselves or someone else or because they must keep up appearances.

Others just do it out of habit and don’t overthink the consequences. 

If you want to know what kind of person your friend is and what makes them tick, just ask them this question!

What’s your dream country/city, and why?

This question is fun because it might tell you about your friend’s personality.

It could be that they have a secret desire to live in a city where they can practice their favorite sport or hobby more efficiently. Or maybe they would just like to escape North America’s freezing winters. 

Maybe they have always wanted to visit Egypt, or perhaps they are obsessed with the idea of living in New Zealand. 

Whatever their answer, you can use it as an opportunity for a fun conversation!

If you want to ask this question yourself, consider doing so over dinner one night, maybe at an exotic restaurant. It could be a great icebreaker!

Do you have any horror stories or experiences?

If you ask a group of people this question, expect to hear some pretty wild and freaky stories. 

Why is it a fun question? 

Because it gives people the opportunity to share their spookiest stories with people they trust, when we share our most terrifying tales with friends, we feel closer to them than ever.

Why would you want to ask your friends this? It’s a great way to bond with your friends while learning more about each other. 

You can learn about their childhoods, what scares them most in life, and how they’ve handled terrifying situations in the past.

Some scariest moments aren’t real, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less terrifying. You never know what your friends might say when asked this question!

What animal do you want to be?

It’s a question that people always ask each other, but it’s also a question we don’t ask nearly enough. 

There are several reasons this is such an easy icebreaker, and it can make for such a fun game to play with your friends.

First of all, it’s just fun! It’s like “Would you rather?” but way more interesting. 

And if someone answers with something shocking, sometimes that can lead to a whole new conversation about why they chose their answer, which can be fascinating.

But beyond just being fun, there are some exciting ways this question can help you get to know someone better. 

If someone says they want to be an elephant or something super weird like that, it might mean they’re not too comfortable around people and enjoy some space. 

Or if they say they want to be something small and cute like a dog or an owl, maybe they’re very people-focused and love being around others. 

Either way, asking this question can help reveal parts of someone’s personality that wouldn’t otherwise come up in conversation.

If you were given a superpower, what you want it to be and why?

Why do we love asking about superpowers? Maybe it’s because so many of us secretly wish we had one. 

But even if you don’t, it’s just fun to get into the mindset of what your superpower would be. 

  1. Would you be able to fly?
  2. Could you control people with your mind?
  3. Would you have super strength?

And when you go into it with your friends, it can be a fun conversation starter! You might discover something new about them, what they think their superpower would be, and why they chose that particular power. 

It’s also a great way to get them thinking outside of the box and imagining what they could do with their life if they had any kind of unique ability at all.

Questions you should never ask your friends

Now that we’ve presented the top 10 fun questions you can ask your friends, let’s look at the opposite.

These are the questions you should avoid asking your friends to maintain a healthy relationship.

Why are you still single?

Have you ever asked a friend, “Why are you still single?”

If so, we’re betting that your friend was taken aback by the question. And even if they weren’t, it’s still not a great idea to ask this question because it can lead to hurt feelings and possibly even resentment.

It’s not a new question, and it’s not even an offensive one. But it’s also not something that you should ever ask your friends.

One main reason is that it’s an invasive and intrusive question.

When someone asks “why” something happened, it puts them on the spot by forcing them to create an excuse for why something happened. Some people might feel like they need to make up an excuse because they don’t want their friends to feel bad for them.

Why don’t you have a child yet?

This question can make people feel like they’re not being valued for who they are, only for their ability to reproduce. 

It can make people feel like they’re being judged for their choices, and that judgment may be unfair if those who ask don’t know the circumstances surrounding why someone isn’t yet pregnant. 

One last worst reason is it puts pressure on people who are trying to conceive or struggling with infertility by asking them what seems like an unfair question.

How much is your salary?

The subject of salaries is a touchy one.

It can actually be really damaging to their self-esteem and their career.

Think about it.

When you tell someone how much you make, you’re putting yourself in a position of power over them.

It makes them feel like they’re inferior to you and like they don’t deserve as much as you do. And this is a slap fact for women, who are still paid less than men for the same work.

So instead of asking your friend how much she makes, try asking her how she feels about her job. Or ask her what she loves about working there. 

That way, she gets to focus on something positive and not worry that she’s not getting paid as much as someone else might be if they had the same amount of experience.

You should not be tempted to ask this question in the first place because it’s none of your business, and it’s an incredibly rude thing to do.

How much does your property costs?

This is one of the most typical questions. However, it’s also one of the worst questions to ask because talking about money with friends and family is generally not a good idea.

It’s important to remember that everyone has different financial situations and priorities. 

Your friend may be making lots of money, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be able to afford a home for their family. 

And even if they can, it doesn’t mean that you can expect them to share their secrets about how they get such great deals!

Friendship makes the world go round!

Indeed, friendship is one of the most genuine relationships ever. 

You value your friends as much as they respect you, and that’s a good thing. 

However, when you meet again sooner or later, make sure to make your chitchat light and fun by asking the right questions.

Picking up questions during conversations might be challenging. And you shouldn’t just ask whatever comes to your mind.

That means you must filter those and pick the fun and appropriate ones to ask your friends. In that way, you can save a healthy relationship while still learning more about them.

Take note of the questions mentioned above, and make sure to apply them to your following conversation! 

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