How To Annoy A Jealous Person(6 Ways To Piss-off a friend)

There are times when we feel like pissing off a friend just to have a fun time or find answers to some of our questions. It’s a tough thing to do, and if you don’t have the tricks to annoy a friend, here’s what I will teach you in this post.

Jealousy doesn’t mean anything intimate or romantic. Jealousy is jealousy itself, even with friends. There are clever ways you can do to annoy a jealous person. 

You can piss off a friend by cracking silly jokes and harmless pranks, pretending they don’t exist and ignoring them, and taking a group photo excluding that person. When they ask you a question, answer it with a question., give their phone number to someone else, and lastly, flaunt the thing that makes them jealous of you.

Annoying your friends is one of the best parts of being a human. Pissing them off in a way that makes them laugh! Do you know what’s even better?

You may think that annoying your friends is a skill you’re born with, but it’s not. It’s something you can learn, and once you do, you’ll like it!

But, I also want to remind you that there are pranks that can ruin a friendship, so make sure to be picky when doing it. And if you’re not careful, that irritation can become a big problem for all involved.

Skip that problem because we already listed harmless tips on how you can annoy a jealous person!

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6 Ways to annoy a friend

Here are some silly but danger-free tricks if you want to piss off your jealous friend!

Crack some jokes or acts.

Some practical jokes and harmless pranks can successfully annoy a jealous friend. But what particular jokes and pranks are these?

See this list!

  • Take their phone and leave it somewhere weird, like an empty classroom or the bathroom.
  • Make them look silly with a funny picture of them in an odd pose or holding something ridiculous.
  • Write on their face with a marker while they’re asleep or drunk.
  • Send them a link that says “Click here to see a cat video” but actually leads to an ad for a funeral home.
  • Call your friend and tell them that you’re about to pick them up for a ride and then never show up.
  • Pretend you’re a telemarketer, call your friend, and ask for their credit card number.

Pretend they don’t exist.

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Pretending someone doesn’t exist is a great way to annoy a friend. It’s also one way to make yourself feel better about your existence.

If you’re not sure how to do it, here are a few tips:

  • Ignore them completely. If they say something to you, just look at them with a blank expression on your face and keep walking. If they follow you, keep going until they get bored of following you and give up.
  • Act like they’re not there at all. This works best when you’re in public, and everyone else can see them too; no one will believe they exist!
  • Ignore their calls and texts.

Take a group photo without that person.

A group photo is an excellent way to capture memories and boast about them on social media. It’s also a must that you tag the people in that photo.

But it’s the most convenient thing to do if you badly want to annoy your friend! Gather the people around you except that person, and then take a group photo!

After that, immediately upload it online with a nice and silly caption while tagging the people on your picture.

Sounds funny, right?

Posting it online makes it a big deal, especially today, that almost all people rely on their friendships heavily on tagged pictures on Facebook and Instagram.

When they ask you a question, answer it with a question.

When you’re talking to someone, and they ask you a question, instead of just answering it, try asking them a question back.

It’s really annoying, but it’s also hilarious.

  • When they ask you something like
  • Where are you going?” or
  • “What did you do today?” 

Just turn the table around on them and ask them something like

  • “Why do you want to know?” or
  • “What’s your favorite color?”

A nice trick to play on your friends. Who are used to you answering all their questions with a question. Just wait until they ask you a question, then answer it with another question. 

They’ll be so confused and won’t know what to do!

Give their phone number to someone else.

Another way to annoy your friends is to try giving away their phone numbers to someone else.

They’ll get all kinds of calls from people they don’t know. Since it’s not like they can just change their phone number, they might get pretty annoyed.

If they’re anything like us, they’ll call you daily asking why you gave it to a stranger!

Flaunt what you have that they are most jealous of!

introverted girl humped on his boyfriends back making another girl jealous

Flaunting what you have is one great way to annoy a jealous person.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find out what your friend is most jealous of. This might be anything from their car to their hair to their girlfriend or boyfriend.
  2. Buy that thing for yourself and then tell them about it! They’ll probably want it and feel bad about themselves because they can’t afford it or don’t have the time to buy it themselves!
  3. You can rub this in their face by telling them how much better off you are than them!

Show them what you have, and they’ll be pissed off naturally!

Piss off a friend more safely and harmlessly!

It can be done differently if you want to piss off a jealous person. You can also be creative and imaginative. Just remember that it should not come across as mean or hurtful.

Note that annoying a friend is totally different from bullying. Constantly rethink your actions and words before implementing them since you don’t want to cause misunderstanding or bad blood.

You want to annoy a friend but know your limits. Why? Because it’s nice to live a life full of friends around you!

Garo Kotchounian

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