When A Guy Says He’s Too Tired To Hang Out (He is Lying)

Sometimes it’s hard to determine what a guy says versus what he really means. So to help you decode a guy, I’ll walk you through some explanations why it is a lie.

You’d feel disappointed when you ask for quality time with your partner and get a negative response. But before that, you’ll wonder why he said he’s too tired instead of being excited. You’ll also wonder whether he’s telling the truth or not. But I’m here to tell you that he could be lying, which signifies losing interest in your relationship. 

Many signs could tell when your guy is losing interest in your relationship. But the most obvious and biggest deal is when he starts rejecting your invitations to have quality time. 

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How could you tell he’s lying?

Here are some signs that your man is lying and doesn’t want to be with you.

He explains too much even when you’re not asking.

Being defensive is one of the signs that could tell that a guy is lying. When you invite him to hang out, he lays down all the reasons why he cannot make it even though you didn’t ask why it’s a red flag.

Men are naturally lousy at explaining and going into details. They forget things, so when your guy seems to talk too much about why he’s tired and can’t make it, he’s lying.

When he explains too much, you can try to do these things.

  • Try to stop him from explaining.
  • Ask why he’s doing it when you’re not even asking.
  • Observe if he stammers.
  • Catch him off guard by asking on-the-spot questions and see if he can still hold his momentum.
  • If not, he could be lying.

What he says is the total opposite of his actions.

In a relationship, you should practice what you preach. 

If your man rejected you for hanging out with him and says he is too tired, then look at his actions and behavior.

  • What does he look like when he says he’s too tired? 
  • Do you think he looks exhausted?
  • What is he doing? Is he taking a rest or busy with his phone instead?
  • Is he happy doing things alone?

Obviously, when you’re tired, you’d want to rest. But if your guy seems to be the total opposite of his words, he’s lying.

It simply means he’s too busy or he’s too tired to make time for you. When a man loves you, you’re supposedly his rest.

He doesn’t want to be personal.

What do we mean by not getting too personal around you?

Well, when you intrigue him, he doesn’t respond. There is no intimacy between you because he’s getting away with it. He gets away with your questions and doesn’t want to connect in any possible way.

Likewise, when a guy is being evasive or vague with his answers, it usually means he doesn’t want you to see the truth about the situation. He may not have anything to hide per se. Still, he might also be trying to protect himself from being too vulnerable around you. 

This can lead to trust issues later down the road if his lack of openness continues over time instead of resolving quickly enough for both parties involved.

He turns the spotlight to you.

Turning the attention towards you instead of him. It’s a classic tactic of guys who are not into serious relationships. It’s manipulative and deceitful, but it works because it’s so effective at getting others to believe him instead of you.

Don’t fall for it! When someone does this kind of thing, they try to distract themselves from their bad behavior by shifting the blame onto you.

How does this work in this kind of situation?

  • When you confront him about his tiredness, he’ll get mad at you for asking many questions.
  • He’ll blame you for things that don’t add up in the details.
  • He’ll dig deeper and mention previous things that could make you feel bad for yourself.
  • He doesn’t listen to you and lets you accept his decision.

He has suspicious moves.

This is a thing that happens to everyone. If you’ve been dating for some time now, you’ve probably noticed that there are certain things your boyfriend does when he’s lying to you, and there are also some things he does when he’s not.

So what are the telltale signs? Here are a few.

  • If your guy is looking away from you while talking, chances are good that what he’s saying isn’t true.
  • If your guy is looking up or down while talking, it might mean he’s trying to remember something or figure out what to say next. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s untrue, but it could be!
  • Suppose your guy is moving around or fidgeting while talking. In that case, it usually means he’s uncomfortable with what he’s saying and trying desperately not to show it. Again, maybe this isn’t an outright lie, but it could be!

What would a man do if he truly loved you?

First of all, let’s accept that being lied to and rejected is a painful experience in a relationship.

If you crave quality time with your guy and say he’s too tired to do it, it’s a red flag you’d want to check out. But let’s not talk about red flags here. Instead, let’s look at the things that a man would willingly do if he’s genuinely into you.

  • Plans the weekend or free time for the both of you. 
  • Frees his time for you even when you didn’t ask it.
  • Puts you on his priority list.
  • Considers you in every decision he needs to make.
  • He’s willing to talk about the issues in your relationship and address them calmly.
  • He tells you how he feels without lying.

We all deserve a partner with the same appreciation and love level, just like what we have for them. Lying and not having quality time are two of the worst things you can do to your partner.

It’s like telling them that you’re too busy for them and that they don’t matter to you.

Dear guys,

It’s better to tell the truth to your partner than continue lying. Tell them the reason why, nothing more, nothing less. Girls appreciate it that way than playing with their emotions.

Dear girls,

You always deserve a good partner who can stay true to you and would go beyond just to make time with you. If you think you’re in a toxic relationship right now, remember that it’s better to end things as soon as possible than waste your time and worth on a guy who loves lying!

May you find a relationship where you can thrive!

Garo Kotchounian

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