What Word Do You Hope Describe You in 10 Years (Be Known For)

There are tons of words that can indeed describe you for years to come. But if you were to be asked if there is a word that would perfectly describe you in 10 years, what would it be?

This article will lead you to how you can answer this mysterious question!

It is a tough task to come up with a word that can perfectly describe you in the future. To do this, you need to take on a few steps. First, you need to consider a role model you aspire to be. Next is to write a letter to your future self, think about your passion and dreams, reflect on yourself, and don’t forget to look at what’s unique about you.

After that, that’s the only time you can find a word you want to be associated with. 

The steps we mentioned might be a lot. But don’t be afraid to take it because we have one goal: to find where you want to be in ten years!

It’s more than finding a word that fits you but also waking yourself up today and redirecting yourself to your priorities and goals as early as today!

When you set a word that would describe you in the near future, you need to work hard to be perfect for that word, and that’s where it will make sense.

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How do you come up with a word to describe you in ten years?

You can follow these steps and see where they can lead you at the end of this discussion.

Think about a role model.

It’s not always quick to find your way. Sometimes, you only need a little inspiration to help you get where you want to go. That’s why thinking about a role model is essential for defining yourself.

A role model can be anyone who inspires you, such as

  • Friend
  • Family member
  • Teacher
  • Stranger

It can be someone from history like Harriet Tubman or Martin Luther King Jr.

Or it could be someone in the present day like Serena Williams or Taylor Swift.

But what makes a great role model? The answer is relative for everyone, but it usually comes down to how they make us feel when we’re around them or whenever we encounter them.

  • Proud
  • Confident
  • Courageous
  • Motivated

And the list goes on and on. The point is that they give us the desire to be better than we thought possible and inspire us towards our goals.

Asking yourself who inspires YOU can help you define what kind of person YOU want to be and can lead you to that word soon!

Write a letter to your future self.

Writing to your future self is an excellent way to explore yourself. But how exactly?

  • It is a great way to help you set new goals, especially if you’re feeling confused about what you want from life.
  • It helps you clear the kind of person you want to be, which can be a big deal when figuring out how to make life work for you.
  • It’s a great way to explore what makes you happy and what might be holding you back from achieving things!

For example, if you’re currently in school and have always wanted to travel but never had time, money, or both. Writing letters to yourself about how amazing it would be when you get back from your trip will help keep that goal at the front of your mind as much as possible.

And in ten years, maybe the word that can describe you is a TRAVELLER!

Think about your passions and dreams.

Thinking about your passions and dreams is a great way to help you define yourself.

It can be hard to know where to start when trying to figure out what you want in life. One way to begin is to consider what you love most.

  • What do you like doing?
  • What makes you happy?
  • If you could do something, what would that be?
  • And who would be there with you?

Once you’ve answered those questions, write down all of the answers! They must be written down in lists, not just in your head. This will help keep them organized and more accessible when working on defining yourself.

Once they’re written down, try writing a sentence next to each one that describes how this thing makes you feel or why it’s crucial for your life.

For example

  • “I love playing soccer because it makes me strong and confident.”
  • “I love reading because it helps me escape into another world.”

After doing this exercise for weeks, try looking back at what you wrote down and see if any patterns emerge. 

Maybe some things seem similar or complementary. Those could be good starting points for figuring out what kind of person you want to be in ten years!

Reflect on who you are today.

Reflecting on who you are today crucial in defining yourself. It’s the first step to understanding

  • Where you’ve been (Past)
  • Where you are (Present)
  • Where you’re going (Future)

Sample scenario:

If you’re someone who’s always been a little shy, but you have a goal of being more confident in your future relationships and career, then you should do these.

  • First step: Acknowledging that this is something you want to work toward.
  • Second step: Set some goals for yourself and work toward them, like going out once a week to socialize with friends or trying out a new class at the gym.
  • Finally, reflect on where you are and make adjustments as needed.

The more time you spend reflecting on who you are today, the easier it will be for you to figure out what kind of person you want to be tomorrow!

If this sounds like hard work, don’t worry! It can actually be a fun experience once you get used to it!

Look for what’s unique about yourself.

introverted character holding a banner that reads: my life in ten years

When defining yourself, it’s essential to focus on what makes you unique.

  • What makes you stand out from everyone else?
  • What makes you different?

These are the questions we should be asking ourselves.

We form a complete picture of who we are when we define ourselves as unique. We start to see the things about ourselves that make us unique and capable, and those things help us develop a sense of self-worth.

Self-worth is everything and the most crucial thing in defining where you want to go!


  • It helps keep you grounded.
  • It keeps you from being carried away by your wildest dreams and fantasies and helps you see where you really want to go with your life.

The best way to do this is to ask yourself:

“What do I value?”

You can’t answer that until you know what it means to be valuable to yourself and how you see yourself in the world.

Find a word you want to be associated with.

The steps above already lead you to your goals and inspirations in life. That would also give you an idea of what word you would like to be associated with. 

It can be anything! A positive adjective is an adjective that describes your ideal life

  • Personality
  • Daydreams
  • Something from your childhood
  • Anything at all! 

It’s up to you! Just make sure it’s something that feels good for you. What’s the word? It could be:

  • Happy
  • Kind
  • Resilient
  • Flexible
  • Generous
  • Successful
  • Persistent
  • Determined

Whatever it is, it will be a word that describes how you want to feel or want to be in the future.

Now create a mental image of yourself being that way in the future. Imagine what your life would look like if you were more happy, kind, or whatever word you want to be.

  • What would your environment look like?
  • What would you look like?
  • What kind of people would you be hanging out with?
  • What kind of activities would you be doing?

Finally, imagine how others perceive you when they see you in this light. Then ask yourself if you’re satisfied with what you’re imagining.

Stop the fear of the future!

The only fear we are living in is fear of change. When in fact, we should understand that change is constantly happening. So why overthink where you’ll be in 10 years when you can do something today to dictate who you’ll be in the future?

Many people are working hard to be better versions of themselves, but there’s a chance that in 10 years, those who have been doing this work will get a shock.

The truth is, you can’t know yourself just by reading about it or talking about it. You can only know yourself by living life and experiencing what happens along the way.

If you’re trying to get to know yourself better, don’t worry too much about what happens in 10 years. Worry more about how you’re feeling right now and what it means for your future self.

Today is the most important phase of your journey. This is where you can dictate who you will be and what you want to be in ten years. Use your every day to mold the person you want to be.

Tips for facing this fear

If you’re worried about the future, just remember:

  • You can’t hold and manipulate everything that happens, but you can control how you respond to it.
  • Life is full of surprises! Just because something wrong happens doesn’t mean it has to be bad forever.
  • You’re not alone in this world. Some people care about you and will support you through any challenge.
  • Set your intention.
  • Visualize a successful outcome.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Meditate daily.

That one word is all about your goals!

introverted guy on the road going towards the future, asking himself where he will be in ten years

If you’re trying to find a word that describes you in 10 years, start by thinking about what you want to be doing and where you want to be in the next decade.

This is what I want you to take note of wherever you go.

If you have a goal, you can find a word to describe your future self. You’re stuck in the past if you don’t have a plan.

We’re all living in the present, but we want our futures to be better than our present. That’s why we write down our goals and make plans for them. 

We also use words like “future” and “tomorrow.” We want to think about ourselves as people who will exist in the future instead of just living now.

  • But how do we get there?
  • How do we know if we’ve arrived at our destination?
  • How do we become those people?

The answer is simple, use words that describe where you’re going!

Words have power.

Words are powerful. 

They have meaning and association and can be used to manipulate people or ideas. That’s why they’re essential to study, especially concerning self-improvement and our future.

I want you to use them wisely when describing or talking to yourself.

When describing yourself, your words can make all the difference in whether you feel confident and empowered or like a failure going nowhere fast. They can make you up or tear you down. They can inspire or discourage, motivate or demoralize.

After discussing all the steps in finding a word that will describe you in 10 years, we hope it leads you to an answer. 

As long as you know your goals, priorities, and dreams, you’ll find your way to that word perfectly fit for you in 10 years.

Sweet, kind, loving, competent, or whatever word it is, it all depends on you! It imagines yourself who you would want to be in the future.

Let’s hope and act for the best!

We’ve all got something we want to be known for. It could be your personality, accomplishments, or even how you do things. Whatever it is, it’s something that makes you unique and special and lets other people know who you are.

So what word do you hope describes you in 10 years?

I am sure you have it. But make sure to work hard to achieve it and redirect your life to something more exciting and worthwhile!

Looking forward to what the future holds!

Garo Kotchounian

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